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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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First off, if you have not yet seen the first episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 6, you should not be reading this. You have been warned...

Grisly murder, more prison torture for Otto, a devastating school-shooting...yep, sounds like Sons of Anarchy.

The show's dynamic creator took a moment to explain what drove him to bring such an explosive mix to Season 6 right from the get-go:

The timing of [the school shooting] is somewhat controversial, but it is something I knew I wanted to do for a couple of years now, and I knew it would be a series of events that would have to [occur]… as we kind of slide towards the end of our mythology.

Sutter also hinted at the aftermath of the shooting, commenting that the violent event 'takes [our characters] down this path that perhaps they won’t be able to come back from':

It changes all of their changes their relationships with the Irish, because now Jax has the emotional catalyst he needs to motivate [everyone]… to not be in guns.

It impacts his relationship with the DA and with Toric, and we’ll really see the relationship shift within the town of Charming and how suddenly the favorite Sons, or at least the accepted Sons, are seen as a danger and potentially more of a pariah than a savior.

Sutter spoke of trying to avoid any overtly political standpoint on the gun issue whilst accepting 'a certain level of responsibility' in terms of handling a weighty, emotive issue. He also described the vengeful Toric () as a 'ticking clock', adding that:

The most dangerous kind of cop is a cop that thinks like an outlaw… In terms of what’s going on with him and the drugs, it’ll reveal itself ultimately...he didn’t give a f–k about breaking the rules, because he didn’t have anybody looking over his shoulder.

Regarding the relationship between Toric and Clay (), Sutter kept an Otto-like silence on the topic:

I don’t want to spoil where all that’s going, but I think that Clay is trying to navigate his own end. Yes, he’s willing to help the club. Is he willing to help the club to the point of his own death? Will he try to somehow orchestrate both? That remains to be seen…

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 also sees Jax caught in a bizarre relationship with both Tara () and Madame ()

Jax has this disconnect from Tara. He feels shut out by her. There’s just something [there] – not to get weird and incestuous, but I think his connection to [Madame] is almost maternal in those continues to complicate his life emotionally and professionally.

Did you enjoy the first episode of Season 6? Could this be the best series yet for Sons of Anarchy? For more of this interview with Kurt Sutter, read the rest at TVLine.



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