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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It may look like gibberish, but the contents of Erik Selvig's chalkboard are pure gold. Take a look below at the secrets it hides, with other hidden gems in Thor: The Dark World.

1) Universe 616

Erik calls the World Tree 'Universe 616', which is the Marvel comic name given to the world that us guys live in. This implies that the Marvel U and our humble universe are not separate, so Thor is automatically in some sort of crossover.

2) The Crossroads

Super-geek knowledge says that The Crossroads is the place that Doctor Strange sent The Hulk to, so that he could safely rage and smash in non-populated worlds.

3) The Inhumans

The Fault - a rip in the fabric of the universe - was made by a Terrigen bomb from Black Bolt, head honcho of The Inhumans. Could this be a hint that the rumored movie for The Inhumans is going ahead?

4) The Thanos Imperative

The Inhumans storyline eventually leads to a crossover in the shape of The Thanos Imperative, suggesting a knock-on effect for the Thanos-related The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy.

5) Easter Eggs

There are little big ups to the Thor: The Dark World creators on the chalkboard, too. 'Kyle + Yost = x' seems to reference exec producer and writer , while the 'x' is more uncertain. It also says 'JW 2013' in the low corner to the right... Marvel man-of-the-moment ?

6) Muspelheim

A quick glimpse of Muspelheim (the Fire Realm) could foreshadow Surtur and his army of fire demons

7) The Collector

Post-credits, rocks up as The Collector, hinting at his character/storyline for Guardians of the Galaxy as he gathers the first of the Infinity Stones.

8) Adam Warlock's cocoon

Vital to the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Adam Warlock's regenerative cocoon, spotted in The Collector's crib, suggests we'll see some Warlock action in GOTG.

Let us know below if there are any other cool little Marvel nuggets that you guys spotted in Thor: The Dark World, we can't have spotted them all...


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