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The folks over at JoBlo are reporting an interesting bit of information about a reshoot and DEFINITE spoiler via an "extremely reliable source" (take that as you will) from the set of The Wolverine, starring as Logan/Wolverine.

So if you don't want anything spoiled, DON'T READ.

BECAUSE THIS IS A SPOILER. SERIOUSLY. Don't yell at me in the comments when I tell you this three times and you still continue to read and then ruin things for yourself. I am going to put the rest of the story behind a BIG HUGE SPOILER PICTURE, and if you keep reading, I can't be blamed.

A quick shoot of one last scene happened recently that appeared to be toward the end of the movie. The scene was shot in an airport, and while cell phones were obviously banned on set, the source reported that the airport scene involved Logan and...Professor X. As in (or at least a look-alike).

If you remember, the events of The Wolverine are supposed to be set AFTER the events of X-Men: The Last Stand where Professor X, uh, you know, got annihilated at the molecular level by Jean Grey going straight-up Dark Phoenix on his ass. Granted, his consciousness was transferred to the random coma patient at the end of the movie, but how does he get back into his original form? Could this be a Nick Fury-like cameo meant to set us up for X-Men: Days Of Future Past? It makes sense, as it's one of Marvel's go-to moves in its signature bag of tricks.

No but seriously, HOW? This is going to turn into one of those, "Did Nick Fury fake Agent Coulson's death?" kind of things, isn't it?

The Wolverine isn't slashing its way into theaters until July 26th, so we have another two and a half months to go. Ugh, so many theories to speculate upon until then. Hit the [[follow]] button and we'll make sure to keep you obsessively up to date on all of them.


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