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It's been over a month now since Game of Thrones Season 3 wrapped, leaving us shaking with disbelief over the murder-porn sequence brought on by a nasty little man prepared to break vows of hospitality and bring down an awesome house just to avenge a slight on his honor. Jerk.

Anyway, released at Comic-Con over the weekend was an HBO homage to all the dead characters on the show. And there's no shortage of those. Take a look at this Game of Thrones memoriam, in which the rare sight of evil triumphing over good shows the notable departures of , , and 's characters, as Boyz II Men's 'It's So Hard to Say Goodbye' soundtracks the savagery:

(via Indie Wire)

...And many more to come, probably! What was the saddest Game of Thrones death for you so far? Let me know in the comment section below.



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