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Those super scoopers over at JoBlo have uncovered a couple of huge spoilers for Marvel's upcoming superhero movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Obviously if the thought of spoilers makes you want to punch the person sitting next to you in the spleen, then you should probably stop reading and go for a siesta.

The rest of you still with me? OK, let's unleash the spoilery goodness.

First up is Guardians of the Galaxy and the identity of the movies' main villain:

Ronan The Accuser WILL be the film’s lead villain and Thanos will indeed play a large role in the overall scheme of things. In terms of iconic locations, The Guardians will operate out of their base of operations, called Knowhere, a space station with the ability to teleport throughout the universe. Lastly, our source confirmed that there would be no members of THE AVENGERS featured in the film, but that it does take place in the same time/universe as the current phase of films.

We still don't know who will play Ronan the Accuser in the movie, but if I were a betting man (and since I lost my little toe to a Scottish bookmaker over a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, I most am certainly not), I would put my money on Pushing Daisies star , who's been cast as an as-of-yet unnamed villain in the movie.

Next up is Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

This is pretty much a sequel to THE AVENGERS and plays the biggest role in leading into THE AVENGERS 2. In addition, the sequel will go more in-depth on Black Widow’s back story and gadgetry.

More Black Widow and gadgets? Yes please.

What do you guys think about these revelations? Do they get you even more excited for the movies?

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