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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Orphan Black was an incredible experience. The twisting storyline, the probing ethical implications of cloning technology, the tour de force performance by Tatiana Maslany...WOW.

Naturally, Orphan Black's first season had a lot going on. Here's a recap of the major events from Season One, and what they might mean for Season Two.

1. Beth kills herself, setting off the whole chain of events.

We never really know much about Beth, although we see the life she left behind through Sarah. The given reason for her suicide is her heartbreak over Paul being her monitor, but is there more to it?

What this means for Season 2: Those back-stories are gonna keep coming...

2. Sarah steals Beth's identity, also impersonating Katja and Alison.

With more costume changes than a Shakespearean comedy, Sarah quickly draws us into her crazy clone world with her charisma and quick thinking. The three main clones - Sarah, Cosima and Alison - grow close, but can this last?

What this means for Season 2: We can expect more excellent character development. Be prepared for your favorite character to change!

3. Cosima realizes Delphine's her monitor, hooks up with her anyway.

The pair seem pretty cozy right now, but how much can Cosima trust her French love? The same revelation about Paul drove Beth to suicide, and Alison seems poised for a freak-out over Donnie...still, how cute are they together?

What this means for Season 2: Their scientific brains are an asset to the group, but Delphine's loyalty remains unclear.

4. Alison's life gets all kinds of messed up

The perfect soccer mom already tortured her husband with a glue gun, then let her neighbor DIE. Will she totally lose it when she realizes Donnie's her monitor?

What this means for Season 2: Will Alison stay on-side with Sarah or get chummy with the Prolethians?

5. Just what was Sarah's birth-mom trying to tell her about Mrs S?

Just as Amelia, Sarah's bio-mom resurfaces, Helena kills her. However, she raised a lot of questions: What's Project LEDA? Why was Mrs S wearing lab gear? Is Mrs S still one of the good guys?

What this means for Season 2: Sarah will have to keep an eye on Mrs S, especially as she's so close to Kira.

6. Sarah kills Helena

Sure, Helena was a liability, but Sarah will naturally have a lot of guilt after killing her bio-twin. Plot-wise, we're gonna need a new 'Big Bad' now that the driving force of the Helena threat has been vanquished.

What this means for Season 2: Sarah will have some soul-searching to do.

7. Is Cosima really, seriously ill?

Cosima's blood-spattered cough is cause for concern, both for her and the clones at large. Is there some sort of planned obsolescence embedded in their DNA? Think about it, we haven't met any old Sarahs yet...

What this means for Season 2: The DNA mystery continues. Also, Cosima-lovers will be getting stressed out!

8. Sarah and Felix are interrogated by the police

OK, so they're lucky they got this far without being caught, but the Fuzz are finally onto Sarah and her clone brigade. But how much do they know?

What this means for Season 2: Art and Angela may find they end up on the wrong side of the law to stay on the right side of morality.

9. 'Pro-clone' Rachel looks threatening: we start to realize how deep the Neolutionist plot runs.

Just how many clones are there? I have a feeling that Sarah's bewilderment as she flicks through the stack of I.D.'s in Katja's car will be nothing compared to the onslaught of clones in Season 2. I'm thinking global-scale replication...

What this means for Season 2: We're gonna see a whole lot more clones. Bring them on!

Orphan Black Season 2 premieres April 19, 2014.


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