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Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer and producer has finally addressed the major talking points surrounding the current sci-fi blockbuster.

So, you already caught the movie and want answers NOW, then chances are you'll find them here. If you haven't seen the movie yet, then stay well away if you don't like spoilers.

In his exchanges with MTV Movies, Lindelof opened up about the big John Harrison reveal and loads more. When asked why they decidedd to make his true identity Khan, Lindelof replied:

As for our friend Mr. Harrison (I am still uncomfortable even typing his true identity, so conditioned I have become to not do so), yes — there was a fair amount of back and forth as to whether to take on such an iconic character. But it was never really a "Should we or shouldn't we?" as much as it was "We really have to do this but if we don't get it right people are going to kill us." I think that character is so iconic — he has such an intense gravity in the Trek universe, we likely would have expended more energy NOT putting him in this movie than the other way around.

Regarding the similarities between Star Trek Into Darkness and The Wrath of Khan, the writer commented:

We were ever wary of the line between "reimagined homage" and "direct ripoff" and erred on the side of the former. As a fun FYI, Bob, Alex and I code-named the script file "PLANT STUDY" as we sent it back and forth. We never considered leaving Kirk dead at the end of this movie. No one would've believed we'd leave him that way and in this spoiler-centric culture, the inter webs would have known we were bringing him back and how long before the release of STAR TREK KIRK IS BACK WE PROMISE.

Lindelof offered us a whole host of answers that you can check out here, but most importantly for me, he explained that niggling little indiscrepancy concerning Carol Marcus' British accent, and her father's American one:

Well, she explains that at length. But we cut it out because the story wanted to explain the torpedoes... not the fact that Marcus was stationed in London when Carol was a little girl. We did shoot this and I'm sure it will be available on the BluRay for all interested in the under-discussed area of British accents and why they are awesome because British people are cooler than we are.

Yep. 99% of stuff from Lost and Prometheus that people didn't understand was also explained at length, so I don't get why people want to hate on Lindelof so bad. I think he's fantastic.

Does this interview help tie up some of Star Trek Into Darkness' loose ends for you, or are you still left with a bitter taste in your mouth? Sound off below.



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