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Here's our first look at as Captain George Stacy in 's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, reprising his role as Gwen Stacy's () father in the form of a flashback sequence.

The pictures show the Captain garbed in his bloodied police uniform. Last time we saw him, he was dying on top of a NYC skyscraper post-Lizard clash, three slashes to his chest, and making Spidey promise to "stay away" from his daughter Well, that's a promise Spidey just can't keep. Anyhow, take a look:

Maybe this means that 's Uncle Ben will have some company in whatever flashback sequence or hallucination causes his return, which Sheen revealed months ago. This looks nice. Haunted by the promise. Solid stuff.

What's your theory on Captain Stacy's prodigious return? Sound off below.


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