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Season one of the The CW's Arrow wrapped up just a few weeks ago and already star has been dropping a few clues about what we can expect from Season 2.

When asked in an interview with IGN how his character Oliver Queen would handle the explosive finale in the new season, Amell said:

The reason that he was the vigilante, the Hood, all that stuff is gone now. Merlyn’s been stopped, the list is essentially somewhat obsolete, the Glades are destroyed. If he’s going to become the vigilante again or something different, he’s gonna need a new reason.

It will be interesting to see Oliver's character develop from vigilante to hero... Hopefully, it's not just some generic decision to be a hero because it makes good television.

Amell also dropped an interesting hint regarding DC Comics characters and the possibility of incorporating more of them. He simply responded:

The world is growing...

Cryptic. As for a DC character cameo, Nightwing seems logical. Either way, I'm looking forward to each new Arrow episode and seeing which DC Comics character, reference or Easter egg will be woven into that week's show.

Who do you want to see appear in season 2 of Arrow? Sound off below.


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