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Now that the dust has settled on this summer's biggest release it's time to arrive sweating and panting behind the rest of the crowd and relive the moments that made us all go: F**K YEAH in Man of Steel.

I'm talking about the moments when you simply couldn't resist leaping out of your seat, spilling popcorn all over yourself and throwing a fist in the air with delight. These visceral moments that stay with you long after the credits have rolled and young Clark Kent has begun his job at the SPOILERS SPOILERS.

Let's kick things off with that spectacular prologue:

Oh and since this essentially a re-cap of the best bits in the movie... there's going to be spoilers. Lots of spoilers.

You have been warned.

1) Jor-El Kicks Rebel Ass

Right off the bat we're treated to what seems like an entire sequence of F**k Yeah moments as Jor-El desperatly attempts to save not only his family but his entire planet.

Ultimately he only succeeds (in part) with one of these tasks but it's in the attempt that our first epic moment comes. As General Zod arrives at Jor-El's citadel ready to retreive the codex of all Kryptonian knowledge he's met by Krypton's greatest scientist... in full combat gear.

goes on to punch any memory of 's memorably memorable performance out of existence as he gives Zod his first well-deserved beating in the movie. Landing Kryptonian hit after Kryptonian hit on the would-be king Jor-El gives his son a lot to live up to. Thankfully young El-junior more than does...

7 F**k Yeah's Out Of 10

2) Clark Kent: Savior Of Buses

Early on in the movie, as Clark wanders the planet growing an ever more impressive beard we flash back to a particularly trying time in his teenage years. During a freak accident, the school bus Clark and his fellow school pals are travelling in, careens off a bridge and into the water.

Hearing his adopted father's advice in his head, Clark hesistates but then ultimately saves the bus. Our F**K Yeah Moment comes as the bus dissappears below the water for a split second before re-appearing being pushed from below.

The cherry on the cake is Clark returning to rescue bully Pete Ross after the greasy little pisser had been taunting him for like 6 whole minutes on the bus. Nice one Clark.

7 F**k Yeah's Out Of 10

3) Zod Rises

I'm aware there's quite the gap between the moment on the bridge and this climatic scene but I really felt that Man Of Steel dialed up the F**k Yeahness towards the end, that's why I save 3 slots for the climax of the move. (Honorable mention to the first time Supes takes flight).

This F**K Yeah Moment is a little darker than the others (well, except one) as it features an epic moment for the villain of the piece: General Zod. Still, as a fan of the Superman movies, this scene knocked my socks off.

After seeing his entire plan to Terraform Earth crumble before his eyes, General Zod is a broken man. He confirms to Clark that the big blue boy scout has murdered his own race and thanks to to this, Zod has nothing left to lose. Shedding his armored battle-suit Zod strips down to just his familier looking under-suit and... rises, displaying to Superman that he too, has mastered flight on this planet.

It's a fabulous echo to the silent menace of 's Zod in Superman II and in a movie that's been populated by noise up untill this point, it's a lovely touch. I half expected to blast out the classic 'Kneel' line but screenwriter is a smarter man than I and chose to leave the scene icily silent. Class.

9 F**k Yeah's Out Of 10

4) Fight And Flight

Back to the climatic fight again (It was so freakin good!) and almost immediatly after Zod has risen to the occasion he's smashed back to down to Earth. Only metaphorically though as rather than send his foe crashing into the ground, Superman punches Zod through the air AGAIN and AGAIN like some kind of cosmic vollyball. Not even allowing him 6 seconds to breath. It's a fabulously conceived sequence and something that not only elicited a strangled F**k Yeah from my throat but also blew my mind visually. I have never seen anything like that.

8 F**k Yeah's Out Of 10

5) Man Of Murder

Now we come to the darkest and potentially most controversial F**k Yeah Moment: the death of General Zod at the hands of Superman. Just today we wrote about the fan's outrage and Chris Nolan's downright dismissal of the ending but for me it was probably the greatest moment in the movie.

Call me morbid but I LOVE seeing a conflicted hero make an impossible choice and boy did supes have an impossible choice to make.

Once again, I take you back to the climax of the movie where Superman and Zod are having the mother of all battles across Metropolis. After finally landing in what looks suspiciously like Grand Central Station, Zod and Supes have their final showdown. It's during this fight that a desperate/homicidal/suicidal Zod begins beaming his new laser vision at a trapped family. Clark realizes he has to either let his villainess kin murder a group of innocents or... perform the unthinkable.

With a sickening CRACK Clark snaps the neck of the second to last Kryptonian and lets his lifeless body fall to the ground. It's a moment later that the whole enormity of what he's done washes over Kal-El and he lets out a deafening scream. It's the most human we've ever seen the Man Of Steel and it's and unbelievable F**k Yeah Moment.

10 F**k Yeah's Out Of 10

BONUS! F**k No Moment: Pa Kent's Twist Of Death

As an added bonus, I couldn't write an article about the moments that meant the most to me in the movie without including poor Pa Kent's epic death scene. It's a definite F**k No moment but it's a truly powerful one because of that.

Trapped in the family car in the path of an oncoming tornado (after saving a dog no less) Pa Kent urges the family to hide under a overpass in order to protect themselves. Finally freeing himself and standing tall beside the car, Pa Kent, like his son standing in front of him, knows he can be saved by Superman's incredible talents... but he doesn't let it happen.

Raising a chilling hand to Clark in a silent word of warning, delivers a magnificent performance as he's absorbed by the twister.

It's such an nasty blow, as we the audience and Clark himself know that Pa Kent could have been saved... but at the cost of Superman revealing himself. It's only later that the scene is given even more resonance when Superman realizes his father was wrong... he should never have hidden who he was and he could have saved his dad. Beyond epic.

10 F**k No's Out Of 10

So that's it! Those are the moments that stayed with me almost two weeks after seeing the movie, the moments that stuck in my brain like Kryptonian clining onto a flaming steel girder. But what did you think? Did I miss any of the moments that defined the movie for you?

Leave me a comment or hit me up on twitter to let me know your F**k Yeah moments in Man Of Steel!

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