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Sophie Atkinson

Spoiler alert: While this article is mainly speculation and not facts, if you're bothered by spoilers, you should still scoot.

Stop press! An eagle-eyed poster on recently pointed out something very suspicious indeed in 's latest Vlog. Have a watch below and see if you can spot it, too. [[yt:0Llxv8omjfU]]

Finished? Did any of you notice the following stills?

As Arandir comments, it's pretty fishy that two 'individuals (clearly citizens)' from Lake-town seem to be in 'the "desolate Dale"'. Since there's snow on the burnt stonework, we can assume this is during the time the Company go through the Dale and not a flashback. So what would men and women be doing in ‘the destroyed city’?

Arandir speculates the following:

-That they're possibly fleeing exiles after Smaug's attack...

-It could be part of the third film 'possibly before the Battle of the Five Armies, which sees a skirmish between the Lake-towners and the Elves agaist the Goblins/Orcs – hence why we see Gandalf, Legolas, Tauriel and Thranduil all in Dale (in the Vlog) seemingly fighting (that could be part of the BOFA itself).' However, he does concede that this doesn't explain what these citizens are doing so far away from their homes.

What do you guys think? Sound off below.


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