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Jordan Leech

ABC has announced they will begin production of Grand Central, which is based on Stephen King's The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates. This will be the next in a line of many of 's fictional works to make it to Television, including the currently running and successful Under the Dome and Haven.

According to Hollywood Reporter:

The story concerns a woman who receives a phone call from her husband who died in a plane crash two days previously. He warns her of impending tragedy and saves her life. It's not yet clear how the show, which will go straight to series, will spin that into a full show, but the synopsis calls it "a character-driven procedural with a supernatural twist".

I have never read the book, but it seems like this could be rather hard to adapt as a television series. It's actually a short story, and how could they continue this on for one or more seasons? Will the husband keep finding ways to call? Will other dead loved ones chime in? Perhaps he will give a long list of prophecies in one phone call. I'm not sure.

Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, who are both writers for Haven, will write Grand Central, which aims to air in the summer of 2014.

(Source: HollywoodReporter via shortlist)

To all you Stephen King fans out there: What do you think of this book being converted to a series? Can it work?


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