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Sometimes a role just seems to have been handcrafted for a particular celebrity and Deadpool (I've repressed the memory of the first time round) is undoubtedly Ryan Reynolds's spirit animal. It's common knowledge by now that the pair share the same wisecracking ways and blue sense of humor, but the ties that bound Ryan and the Merc with a Mouth together are even spookier than you ever thought possible.

Redditor Shutty delved into the mythology of Deadpool and found out some eerie parallels between Ryan Reynolds and the Marvel favorite which prove the pair are well and truly destined to be together.

So, without further ado let's delve into the history of this messed up marriage made in comic book heaven and check out all the things that unite Reynold's and Deadpool into one devastatingly potent unit.

Ryan Reynold's And Deadpool Burst Onto The Scene Within A Breath Of Each Other

Deadpool made his first comic book appearance on February 1 1991 and Reynolds burst into the acting scene just two days later on February 3 1991. Literally Gobsmacked.

Need proof? Deadpool's first jaunt into the spotlight was in 'New Mutants #98' where he shared his debut with the mysterious Gideon. If you're not being pedantic, this was also Domino's first appearance, but it later turned out she was actually the shapeshifter Copycat.

Deadpool's first appearance
Deadpool's first appearance

Although it was seemingly insignificant at the time, a young Reynold's first showed his face to the masses in the Canadian TV show Hillside in an episode entitled 'Checking It Out.' If you want a laugh, you can check out what I believe is the iconic episode (don't hold me to it, I'm not an expert) below:

What a way to begin a bond that would last a lifetime.

Their Identities Are All About Amazing Alliteration

Everybody's favorite Canadian's full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds and Deadpool's citizen identity is Wade Winston Wilson. Coincidence, or a shared future written in the chimichanga sauce of destiny. You decide!

They've Both Been Divorced And Remarried

Deadpool found love with Gretchen Wilson, but their happy ending wasn't meant to be and they shredded their wedded union at some point, although not much is known about the character.

All we know is that she took out a restraining order against Wade and vanished, apparently he was a teeny bit sad about it because he's pictured looking mournfully at a picture of her, although we never see her again.

His second wife, of course, is none other than Shiklah who he married after heading off on an adventure together to find Dracula. As you do.

Deadpool and Shiklah's wedding
Deadpool and Shiklah's wedding

Zooming back to real life, Ryan Reynolds himself has been married twice. His first spouse was fellow Marvel actor Scarlett Johansson, but the pair decided to part ways in 2010.

These days, Reynolds is defining goals with the gorgeous Blake Lively and the pair are expecting their second child together. One thing's for sure, bet dad can't wait to have another little life to mock on Twitter.

They Both Met Their Wives In A Comic Book Setting

Deadpool, of course, met his second wife in a Marvel comic book setting after the Merc with the Mouth stole Dracula's prospective wife. After a few minor set-backs including Shiklah trying to suck out Deadpool's life force, the pair tie the knot in NYC.

Back to the real world, and the parallels continue. Ryan Reynold's met his beloved Blake Lively on the set of the ill-fated Green Lantern movie. Who said comic books aren't romantic, eh?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in 'Green Lantern'
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in 'Green Lantern'

See Also:

The Have Both Appeared in Marvel And DC Properties

As mentioned above, Ryan Reynolds was DC's Green Lantern before he donned Deadpool's iconic scarlet body stocking (again, we are going to chose to believe the Merc without a Mouth didn't even exist...) and, believe it or not, the character Deadpool has also shown his face in the DC universe.

Although it isn't exactly a show-stopping appearance, Deadpool shows up in the DC 'Superman/Batman Annual #1' — Although of course DC don't go as far to explicitly admit it because Deadpool is a Marvel character. Duh.

Deadpool and Batman?!
Deadpool and Batman?!

To simplify the turn of events, Deathstroke dons his costume for the first time and resembles and acts like Deadpool and even makes a few references to him. Oh, and the issue also happened to be written by the famed Deadpool writer, Joe Kelly.

Deadpool Knew About Ryan Reynold's Destiny Before He Did

In perhaps the spookiest link so far, the character Deadpool predicted Reynolds's turn as the Marvel maverick in the cinematic universe.

All the way back in 2004, long before Ryan had been chosen to play Deadpool in X-Men Origins (2009), Deadpool described himself as looking like:

Sure, the spelling might not be entirely correct (I mean, does Wade Wilson really seem like the sort of person who reads enough gossip mags to spell celeb names right?), but the comment is clearly directed toward none other than the Ryan Reynold's we know and love.

Spooky, huh?


Were you surprised about all the spooky links between Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool?

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