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I think I speak for many of us when I say many days still find me with a passing thought set aside for the late . She stole our hearts as everyone's favorite princess turned general and continues to do so posthumously with her exemplary work in music and literature. She was and will always remain an icon and true hero for the masses.

Welcome to my . It focuses on the highlights of a career, the life a person lived, and their true and total impact on the world. I could think of no one better to be the first entry in this reboot than the eternally beloved Carrie Fisher.

"I Come From Simple Folk, People Of The Land"

'Wishful Drinking' [Credit: HBO]
'Wishful Drinking' [Credit: HBO]

Fisher, as we all know, is the direct descendant of Hollywood royalty; her mother, , was the iconic star of Singin' in the Rain and 's beloved classic, Halloweentown. Her father, the late crooner Eddie Fisher, is unfortunately best known as both the ex-husband of Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor. Had his life not been immersed in near total scandal, he might be better recognized for his vocal prowess.

Fisher's marriage to Paul Simon defined a portion of her life that could be described as less than ideal. The two were a pair of boxing gloves strapped to separate combatants. Her short affair with an escapist sort of happiness on the set of the original Star Wars with was all but a dream come true that amounted to a dream over in the blink of an eye.

It was with the birth of her daughter, star Billie Lourd, that Fisher attained that happiness she'd chased after her entire life. Her reunion with Elizabeth Taylor, her father, and the many she owed amends to brought Fisher a sense of closure and peace she thought would forever remain missing from her tempestuously entertaining life.

A Long, Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Quite Familiar

Credit: LucasFilm
Credit: LucasFilm

Before she was Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher stumbled and mumbled her way to an audition, a double audition, actually, for both this low-budget film and for the role in the film adaptation of Carrie. The latter role went to Sissy Spacek, and Fisher joined the Rebellion.

is now known as one of American film's greatest staples, one that's influenced multiple generations worldwide. Fisher's role as Leia Organa was and continues to be a guiding light for many women. With the role, she showed passion, endurance, and courage to stand up directly in the face of adversity—and cocky men—and declare, "Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerf herder!"

Her bittersweet goodbye will come later this year with the release of , where it is still currently unknown exactly how Disney will retire the iconic character. With the highest level of respect to the actress, Disney will undoubtedly bring nothing but the best to Fisher's legacy and to the many adoring fans all over the globe.

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We Love You, Carrie Fisher

She was a gift, not only to me, but to so many. Her words, penned in her three memoirs and various other places, are a beacon of hope for those struggling with mental illness and addiction. She not only touched all our hearts by sharing her life, she opened our minds to the world that exists far beyond our view; a world that is always so close to home for being in a galaxy far, far away.

I look forward to see Fisher's final foray into the Star Wars universe this December when The Last Jedi hits theaters. Though changes had to be made, it'll ultimately not shortchange the amazing talent and perseverance of this wholly remarkable woman.

What does Carrie Fisher's life and career mean to you? Which actress would you like to see appear in my next Spotlight? Sound off below.

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