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Will Wharton

Spring Breakers seems to have been in production for months. The hugely anticipated movie appears to be everything Magic Mike was for women... for men! That's right fellas, finally we get some gratuity back in our theaters. Gratuitous nudity, gratuitous violence and most of all... gratuitous spring breaking.

As everyone knows, Spring Break is the time when all nice girls become trampy girls and all trampy girls become slutty girls. It's fact of life and it's a fact that many have taken advantage of for the last 200 years. In fact, sources say that Abraham Lincoln actually met Mary Todd Lincoln during Spring Break while he was pouring Natty Ice all over her Gettysburgs. It's a funny world.

Anyway, ahead of the movie's March 22nd release, the studio has let loose another fantastic batch of images for your hungry eyes to peruse, along with two pretty cool posters and one genuinely awesome poster.

It's all collected below, so you can gaze in wonder before you head to the theater to check out the bound-to-be-disappointing final finished movie.

It gets not better than this:


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