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Excelsior! The dynamic duo of Stan Lee and Kevin Smith have stepped aside from the world of superheroes to temporarily team up and raise a hell of a lot of money for charity. The duo raised $25,000 to help victims of Hurricane Irma. Stan Lee was the host of a charity night at MegaCon Tampa Bay which was created to raise funds in aid of the victims of the disaster. The charity in question was called Feeding Florida and Lee and Smith auctioned off some one of a kind items which included the likes of lithographs, comics, and a private dinner with Lee at the convention.

Lee, 94, is credited with creating the most recognizable faces from the world of comics. He came up with The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and, of course, Spider-Man to name a few. Smith, 47, is a reputable filmmaker, actor, comic book writer, author, and podcaster who has created memorable films such as Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Lee, who worked alongside the MegaCon organisers and helped create the fundraiser, explained his reasons for organizing the event. The auction was held because Lee believes all Americans are neighbours who should be there and help each other.

"We're all neighbors living in this country, it would be very conceited if I said my being here was helping, but I wanted to be here to give what support I could."

Smith also offered one lucky bidder the chance to be an extra in his upcoming film Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot. As the bidding reached $2,000, Smith quipped:

"It’s a Kevin Smith movie. Did you hear that part? $2,000 is the budget."

As the bids rose to $4,000 he joked how:

"Oh my God, we could have made 19 Clerks for that."

When the bidding hit upwards of $5,000, Smith joked with the crowd noting how:

"You do realize Ben Affleck is not in this movie?"

[Credit: Syfy]
[Credit: Syfy]

The movie cameo ended up being the second most expensive prize of the evening, ending up being sold for $6,000. The most expensive prize went for a huge $10,000. This included a weekend with Lee at his Los Angeles Comic Con this month as well as a private dinner with Lee and a concert with The Black Eyed Peas. Smith continued his comical quips when he stated how:

"Dinner with Stan Lee on Saturday. Once in a lifetime. Stan's looking at the offer right now, 'I didn't agree to this sh--!'"

Lee jokes with the winner by saying:

"I better brush up on my table manners."

Smith, quick witted as ever, retorted with:

"$1,700 bucks, and he will use a napkin."

The auction proved to be a huge success and the money raised with the help of Lee and Smith will go a long way towards aiding those who have been badly affected by the horrific hurricane which tore through Florida.

The charity night shows just how awesome Stan Lee and Kevin Smith truly are, keep up the great work guys!


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