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Seriously, Hollywood is so hungry for comic book heroes, they're not even waiting for the actual comic book to exist. It's as if they've got Stan Lee locked in a room, constantly thinking up new potential superheroes. He then draws one picture, and it's fast-tracked into production to make sure it doesn't miss the current superhero-crazy climate.

This seems to be what's happening with the Annihilator, a new superhero devised by comic book legend Stan Lee. No actual comic books exist for this dude, just a brief treatment Lee wrote about a year ago. Despite this, it's already being developed into a movie by Magic Storm Entertainment.

Real Steel writer Dan Gilroy has been attached to finish the script, while it has just grabbed Barry Josephson as its producer. Josephson has yet to make a big impact in cinema, although he is best known for producing TV shows such as Enchanted and Bones.

Annihilator tells the tale of Ming, a young Chinese expatriate who must choose between remaining in prison or entering a secret US military super soldier program. Luckily for the excitement level of the movie, he accepts and partakes in a near fatal procedure. Thanks to extreme resolve, gained as a result of his family's tradition of practicing marital arts and Qijong, he survives. Now, pumped to the max, he must take on a former foe who threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. So, it's basically the Karate Kid on steroids?

The story might not sound groundbreaking, but Magic Storm CEO Eric Mika is confident Josephson can deliver it. He said:

Barry is the perfect partner at every level to produce a film of this magnitude that targets a global market, including mainland China. Barry’s talents combined with Dan Gilroy’s explosive script makes Stan Lee’s treatment extremely powerful and a cornerstone for a unique franchise.

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