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For a guy who specializes in killer clowns, pissed-off prom queens, and haunted hotels, proved he could craft a tale with more heart than gore in his novella The Body, which later came to theaters as the movie Stand By Me.

For any kid growing up in a town similar to the fictional Castle Rock, chances are your group of friends was similar to Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern. Or: the nerdy kid, the cool kid, the angry kid, and the goofy kid.

You had imaginative, maybe even crazy adventures, you had a tree house, and you had an entire summer to spend doing absolutely nothing, only making sure you were home in time for supper. But most of all, you had the friends that were better than any friends you'll ever have again.

Three of the things we can take away from Stand By Me are all about those friendships.

True Friends Have Your Back, No Matter What

One scene in particular from shows us that point:

Only true friends will pull leeches off your back while the four of you are screaming and dancing around like a bunch of idiots. And they won't judge you for fainting when you pull a bloody leech off our junk, either.

They'll pull you off train tracks, they'll pull a gun on some asshats to scare them off, and they'll agree to go on a crazy adventure to find a rumored dead body.

And For That, We'll Never Forget Them

Sometimes you grow old with your friends, and sometimes you all go your separate ways. If you move apart, you never forget them, no matter how many years pass. And if you're lucky, in your adult life, you'll get some time to sit down and write a book about your adventures.

Anything To Make This Big World Seem Not So Big

When the boys started their journey to find Ray Brower, the world seemed huge. They thought it might be up to 30 miles to where they thought he had died, but it was probably only 5 or 6, maybe less. When they made it back to town, not a soul knew what they had done, except for Ace and his gang, and their Fruit of the Looms were fudge factories, so they weren't talking.

But the world didn't seem so big when it was all over, thanks to a mission, a weekend, and four good friends.

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