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Sophie Atkinson

It's not every day you get your hot Star Wars gossip from a money man in a suit, but today's that day: Disney's Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo revealed one very juicy Star Wars detail. But first, there was a whole lot of marketing talk. Mr Rasulo told investors at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media Communications & Entertainment Conference (try saying that all in one breath!) that 'of all our worries, 'Star Wars' is not one of them', before adding that the market is incredibly receptive for everything Star Wars-related. Well, doi.

He also claimed that Disney has no concerns that the youth of today won't be familiar with the brand when JJ Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII comes out in 2015. Further shockers emerged: Disney are planning on releasing a lot of merchandise appealing to viewers of all ages who'll be watching the movie and they’re also hoping to incorporate Star Wars in their theme parks.

Now for the interesting stuff: Rasulo then re-iterated Disney's plan to create 'origin story films' on a yearly basis.

Of course, we knew stand alone character movies were being developed for release between Episodes VII, VIII and IX and there's been rumors about origin movies since February, but this is the first time someone from the Disney camp has confirmed it. For characters like Han Solo and Yoda, origin stories seem the right way to go since their beginnings are barely touched on in the movies or TV.

All the way back in February, Harry from AICN cited someone he believed to be reliable source telling him the first Star Wars standalone would focus on Yoda. If that's true, you could expect to see Star Wars Origins: Yoda as soon as 2016. Would you be up for that?


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