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Jon Snow might be King in the North but we all know Stannis Baratheon was King of Grammar on Game of Thrones. Throughout his time on the show, the fusty old wannabe ruler was constantly correcting other people's grammar (most notably championing the proper use of less vs. fewer), and it looks like some of that nagging sunk in, as Ser Davos nobly demonstrated in the latest episode of .

During Episode 4, "The Spoils of War," as Davos and Jon Snow walked down the steps at Dragonstone, they're discussing battle tactics when Jon wonders how many fighting men they have at Winterfell, saying, "10,000? Less?," to which Davos replies, "fewer."

Although Stannis was tragically misguided thanks to the delusions spun by the Red Priestess Melisandre, his grammar policing was one of his most endearing character traits. Check out this little mashup of some of his most savage mutterings:

It's also cute to note that every time we saw Stannis correct this less/fewer error on screen, it seemed like Ser Davos hadn't quite caught the message — but it looks like his hearing is sharper than we'd thought! However, on a slightly more poignant note, it might be that this lesson was learned via Shireen, who taught Ser Davos how to read and write *sob*.

As you might imagine, the grammar sticklers of the internet welcomed this little Easter Egg with joy:

As a big fan of proper grammar usage myself, this little nod back to Stannis truly warms my heart. I mean, the man was a bit of a cockwomble for the most of his tenure on the show (burning your own daughter at the stake is hardly going to endear you to fans), but his killer grammar snipes were by far the best part about him, and I'm sure he'd be proud to know he'd made such an impact.

Whether it was being back at Dragonstone (where he'd holed up with Stannis in previous seasons), or just a lesson well learned and remembered, Davos was certainly channeling Stannis tonight!

Check out the promo for next weeks' "Eastwatch" below:

Do you understand the difference between less and fewer?


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