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Now that will probably be too busy with Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens to deal with directing Star Trek Beyond, who is going to replace him? Apparently there's a shortlist and names are now starting to seep out. Is Attack the Block director (and Ant-Man writer) up to direct Star Trek 3? That's what my bro El Mayimbe, over at Latino Review, is saying via Twitter:

No story? Well, that is true in the sense that Star Trek 3 isn't even confirmed as a sequel yet, and after less-than-stellar box office numbers for the domestic opening of Star Trek Into Darkness a sequel is still iffy. Personally, with the Star Trek universe celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, I think it would be a little insane for Paramount and Bad Robot to miss the bus on that one and stop the reboot franchise cold because of disappointment in a world of already inflated expectations. I'm going to go on ahead an assume that Star Trek 2 is not going to lead into permanent darkness and act like another sequel is a shoo-in.

If that's the case, then Cornish wouldn't be a bad choice for the shortlist. He's got room to grow and Attack the Block was entertaining. The fact that he has had his fingers in the Ant-Man pie to boot is especially encouraging, since Trekkers are just as rabid a fandom as any Marvel or DC fan, so he'll have some idea where to tread lightly.

What do you think of Cornish being on the shortlist of directors for a yet-to-be-confrimed Star Trek Beyond?

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