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Brian Salisbury

2013 has had its fair share of big budget movies that more or less fell flat on their faces at the box office. Disney's The Lone Ranger was the most notable, but R.I.P.D. and After Earth were also among the bombs. It is being theorized that these missteps are at the heart of Paramount's decision to reduce the budget of Star Trek Beyond by $20 million from that of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Truth be told, the reduction in budget will be offset by the fact that producers are planning to shoot outside of L.A. and therefore receive better tax incentives; something it is said Abrams refused to do. It's not as if their faith in the franchise has waive red.

However, this does remind me of the rumor that Attack the Block's has been rumored to be in talks to direct. As I mentioned when that story broke, I would LOVE to see what Cornish could do with a smaller-scale, more personal Star Trek movie. He was able to do so much on a limited budget with Attack that I think this financial concern on the part of the studio would make Cornish an even more attractive prospect.

What do you guys think?



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