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After months of waiting, news for the eagerly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery is thin on the ground. However, the cast is slowly coming together — lead by Sonequa Martin-Green's Lt Commander Rainsford, the characters will be split across several ships, though the main bulk of the action seems to take place on the eponymous USS Discovery. And now, this ship has finally found its captain.

Deadline reports that the latest actor to take the captain's chair is Jason Isaacs, who has been cast as Captain Lorca.

Jason Isaacs in 'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]
Jason Isaacs in 'The OA' [Credit: Netflix]

Although he is known for roles in movies such as Harry Potter, Jason Isaacs is no stranger to the TV realm. Most recently, he appeared in 's The OA. An excellent choice for a starship captain, Isaacs will no doubt bring his customary gravitas to the role, and it'll be interesting to see how he interacts with Lt Commander Rainsford (a.k.a. Number One) — who we assume is his first officer.

follows Rainsford as she is forced to realign her perceptions out on the final frontier. Michelle Yeoh will lead the USS Shenzhou as Captain Georgiou, while the Klingons are set to play a prominent role in the series as well. After several delays, Discovery will air sometime after September 2017 on CBS All Access in the USA, and on Netflix internationally.


Do you think Jason Isaacs is a good pick for the captain of the USS Discovery?

(Source: Deadline)

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