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After almost a year of delays, Star Trek: Discovery is forging onward at maximum warp, with a concrete release date and yet another Trek project in the works. We've had plenty of new hints about Sonequa Martin-Green's intriguing protagonist, and along with that thrilling first trailer everything finally seems to be on track for the newest Roddenberry-inspired spinoff.

And now, after the trailer gave us a closer look at the USS Shenzou with Michelle Yeoh's Captain Georgiou at the helm, we've finally got our first look at the USS Discovery — or rather, a tiny portion of it behind Jason Isaac sitting firmly in the captain's chair. Check it out:

Jason Isaacs sits uncomfortably in the captain's chair. [Credit: CBS]
Jason Isaacs sits uncomfortably in the captain's chair. [Credit: CBS]

Oh boy. That does not look like a comfortable pose. Is Captain Lorca weighed down by the responsibility of being an upstanding Starfleet commander? Or is the Discovery plagued with the same stiff captain's chair as the very first Enterprise had? Well, whatever his troubles, it's satisfying to know that when Captain Lorca finally stands up, he'll be employing the classic Picard Maneuver to tug that jacket back into place.

We've also got a few scarce details about Lorca's personality. According to Entertainment Weekly's exclusive, Lorca is a "steely" captain who is "considered a brilliant tactician." This certainly seems different from Captain Georgiou — in the trailer she came across as a staunch believer in diplomacy above military intervention, and seemed to be a warm mentor to her first officer, Michael Burnham (Martin-Green). In contrast, Lorca seems to be more old-school, and we have to wonder why the story would shift to follow a tactician captain from a diplomatic one.

Michael Burnham's Journey Of Discovery

So far, it seems that Burnham will be reassigned to the USS Discovery after the two episode pilot, presumably because of the USS Shenzou's conflict with the Klingons over whatever mysterious object they stumble across.

Although we don't yet know how or why Burnham is transferred to the Discovery (of course not, that'd spoil it!), Entertainment Weekly previously cleared up some questions we had about Burnham's history. She's human, not half-Vulcan, but she did grow up on Vulcan, brought up by Sarek and Amanda — who are none other than Spock's parents.

Burnham was crossing frontiers before she ever joined Starfleet, as the first human to attend the Vulcan Learning Center and later the Science Academy. How she wound up on Vulcan in the first place, and why she chose to stay there instead of move to Earth to be among her people, is still a mystery. Speaking to EW, Sonequa Martin-Green revealed that Burnham has a "divided nature" thanks to the clash between her human heritage and her life on Vulcan.

"[The show is] a journey of self discovery and finding out what it means to be alive, to be human, to be a Starfleet officer, what it means to be a hero. I have the Vulcan conflict in my life from Sarek and Amanda so there’s always going to be that inner conflict with me. But I think it’s relatable because we all have some kind of inner conflict going on — who we are versus who we present ourselves to be. There’s a lot to be discovered."

It seems that Burnham will have an interesting journey aboard the USS Discovery. After Burnham urged Georgiou to strike first in the trailer, we have to wonder what she'll be like serving under the "tactician" Lorca. Will he bring out her logical Vulcan side, or encourage her human desire to rush into action?

As Martin-Green said, we have so much yet to discover — but at least we can rest assured that there will be plenty of jacket-tugging going on on the bridge of the Discovery, in true Star Trek tradition.

Tell us in the comments: Why do you think Burnham will be transferred to the USS Discovery?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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