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RoAnna Sylver

Have you heard? The new opening theme for Star Trek: Discovery has been released – and it's great. It holds to the Trek tradition of orchestral instrumentals (we can all ignore the theme from Enterprise), and blends the previous iconic themes with its own new melodies to create something nostalgic and new at the same time.

Check it out, courtesy of composer Jeff Russo and a 60-piece orchestra:

The Original Series' theme is lovingly recreated and interwoven into Discovery's new piece for a recognizable, dramatic opening.

The original is a perfect suspense-builder and opening with its melody is an effective choice – it sets up the audience to anticipate what comes next. Will it be more familiar ground, or something entirely new? Like the music itself, that seems to be the essence of what is all about: seeking out new life in a universe we know and love.

Are you excited to boldly go when DSC launches on September 24? What are your thoughts on the theme?


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