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Mark Newton

When you think of the captain of the USS Enterprise, who do you think of? ? ? ? What about ? Yeah, no one really remembers him do they? Bakula played Captain Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise, the franchise's most recent (and most unsuccessful) TV series.

Star Trek: Enterprise took off in 2001 with a new crew and an earlier setting, however by 2005 it had already been cancelled due to dwindling ratings. Despite this, Star Trek writer Rob Bolivar and visual effects artist Doug Drexler wants to bring it back for a fifth season. And you can help!

No doubt buoyed by the success Star Trek Into Darkness and the resurrection of cancelled TV shows such as Arrested Development and Veronica Mars, these guys have taken to Facebook to drum up support for a Netflix produced Enterprise series. They said:

A short while ago, Brannon Braga (co-creator and executive producer on Enterprise) mentioned that with enough support, it's possible that Netflix could resurrect Enterprise for future seasons or perhaps a movie. We took that to heart and started our campaign.

Hmm. Sure, I guess another Star Trek TV series would be nice, but I can't help thinking they've perhaps picked the most uninteresting of all series to reboot. I mean, is Patrick Stewart busy these days? Can't we get him to 'make it so'?

What do you think? Do you want to see Star Trek: Enterprise take off again, or are you glad it crashed and burned. Let me know below.


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