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Mark Newton

Last month we saw Agent Smith turned into a foreboding corporate spokesman to flog us some computerized life-glugs, but it looks like he's not the only Hollywood icon which is banking his advertising checks. That's right: Star Trek's Spock (both of them) has arrived to shill us Audi S7's under the guise of a fun and lovable internet video.

Take it away Spocks:


OK, so it was kind of 'fun' (he sang the Bilbo song! LOL!), but it I'm never fond of seeing the love fans have for a franchise being cynically exploited to make a few bucks. At least looks like was hating the entire process. Well, either that or he was tired of hanging out with a who communicates entirely in Star Trek puns.

What did you think? Is this just harmless fun (and I'm just a crotchety old whine-bag) or do you like seeing celebs pop in advertising? Get political below.


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