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Here's one for you, Trekkies!

Last year, rumors began about Klingons appearing in 's upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, which continues the adventures of crew of the Enterprise introduced in 2009's Star Trek.

Klingons appeared in a deleted scene from Abrams' first Star Trek movie (it showed Nero restrained on a table while a helmed Klingon questions him and threatens to extract the information that he wants by means of a nasty little bug called a Centurion Slug that doesn't enjoy dark, restricted areas, and will force its way out if need be - gross) and the director teased their appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness during a skit for the MTV Movie Awards last year. Plus, we reported last month that some Klingons had been spotted by various different sources. Apart from that, we haven't got any real confirmation since Abrams and crew have continued to stay pretty tight-lipped on the subject.

While it's not a sure thing that Klingons will appear in the next movie, IDW Publishing's recently-debuted cover for Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness #4 (the final issue of the miniseries) makes a very strong case for the appearance, featuring the best look fans have seen yet of Abrams' take on the warrior race. Take a look:


I love the 70s-style starburst over the eye and love the masks, they make the Klingons look more menacing. I hope the Klingons will look pretty much like the ones we're used to from the original movies and I get that impression from the artwork - in some ways this masked guy looks like the Klingon from the episode Errand of Mercy, but that really doesn't mean anything. One thing I do wonder about though, is whether the Klingons will be more like a shell game - that their appearance in this will not be as major villains but as another group also hunting 's character (but probably doing it in the take-no-prisioners-we'll-have-what-we-want kind of way).

Either way, as recurring villains since the 1960s television show Star Trek: The Original Series, Abrams' Klingons are something I am definitely interested to see.

There's plenty of material to dissect before Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters May 17th. What are you most excited about seeing? Do the masked Klingons meet your expectations? Sound off in the comment section below with your ideas and [[follow]] here to stay updated with Star Trek news.



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