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Paramount's Star Trek Into Darkness opened in US theaters last week, but if you still haven't seen it and want to remain spoiler free, you should back away slowly, head to your local cinema and get it watched.

For those of you that are still with me, we're going to talk about the the villain of the piece, played with real menace and physicality by , and the lengths the film makers went to keep his real identity a secret.

On December 10, 2012 a group of journalists were invited to Bad Robot HQ and shown some footage of the then-unreleased movie. The scene in question was the space jump performed by Kirk and Khan, where they fly from the Enterprise to the USS Vengeance. The problem was that the identity of Cumberbatch's villain had to be kept a secret, but the scene contained two utterances of "Khan," plus his name was displayed on screen. So how did the film makers overcome this issue? By some nifty dubbing and visual changes, as producer/writer explained to /Film:

[Producer] Bryan Burk was the one who first proposed that we use the space jump sequence as a way of getting folks excited for the movie. The challenge was obvious [because] this is AFTER the reveal. Therefore, J.J. and post production supervisor Ben Rosenblatt executed a “Harrison Cut” to preserve the secret. I’d rather not get into the details of how this was accomplished, suffice to say it wasn't easy. It was, however, worth it.

The dedication of cast and crew in keeping the villain's identity a secret is commendable and I'm glad I went into the movie not knowing who the bad guy was.

What do you guys think. Was it worth keeping Khan's identity a secret?


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