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Lars Johnson

Star Trek Into Darkness, starring as the mysterious villain, is set to open May 17th domestically (May 15th in select IMAX theaters) and anticipation is building.

The original was very well received four years ago, and at these levels Star Trek Into Darkness could double its predecessor's worldwide total. While the first one didn't manage to catch on with international audiences overseas, sequels usually do much better. And with IMAX + 3D boosts the sky is the limit. After the release of Iron Man 3, anticipation will jump even higher.

According to Into Darkness is on track to gross $85 million in its first three days, which would set a franchise record nonetheless. But many other sources believe that figure could go up to $130 million, which would be a major success for Bad Robot. If it manages to hit that mark, it could be in line for over $300 million in total.

But there is one bad thing.

One week after release, on Memorial Day, two big releases arrive in theaters that could steal a bit of the film's box office legs. The Hangover Part III is the first one. But the comedy demographic is much different than science fiction. The real challenge is Fast & Furious 6. Fast Five grossed over $200 million domestically two years ago. But will it be enough to steal Into Darkness second weekend?

Which one are you most excited about seeing?


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