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Angelo Banangelo

Every summer calls for a block buster and Paramount Pictures has stepped up to the challenge with Star Trek Into Darkness. The 12th installment of the Star Trek series brings back the principle crew of the Enterprise on a mission to hunt down a rogue agent of Starfleet. Their mission takes them to hostile space as they venture into Klingon territory. The plots twists and turns, bringing forth several characters from the series mythos who are sure to rile up the classic fan base.

All good action flicks come at hefty price and by the look of this cast and crew Paramount has, once more, broken the bank. suits up to reprise his role as Captain James T. Kirk and is followed by the majority of the prequels principle cast including , and . There’s no arguing that the film packs a talented punch but make no mistake about it, the oomph from this multi-million dollar space odyssey will be coming the adrenaline infused direction of . The mastermind behind Super 8, Mission Impossible III and the 11th Installment of the Star Trek Series rarely pops out a dud. However, on the off chance that Abrams fails to deliver, we can all be assured that the movie screen will see a bevy of explosions sure to rivet the summer mind.

Though one cannot vouch for the story line’s loyalty to traditional Star Trek dogma, one can expect the same thrilling experience as its prequel. Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are joined by fellow television writer Damon Lindelhof, to bring the 12 installment to the big screen.

Now if explosions, space and classic story-lines just don’t pack the summer punch you’re looking for then there really is no convincing you… Other than the addition of Alice Eve as Dr. Carol Marcus and her surprising, yet welcome, appearance in the trailer. After all nothing says “It’s summer movie time” like an astronaut in a bikini.


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