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producer Roberto Orci referred to Mr. Spock as "Mr. Spic" in an interview with Variety, and a whole bunch of people are pissed off.

At Variety's Inclusion Summit, Orci said that he used his own experience as a Mexican-born American to inform the other-worldliness of Mr. :

"He comes from another land. He’s half-human, I’m half-Mexican. He has this cultural baggage that he brings in while trying to fit in as much as he can.

I always thought of Mr. Spock as a Latino, he’s an alien, an immigrant. Just between us, and only I can say this, I personally used to call him Mr. Spic."

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Orci was quick to respond to gasps from the audience at his use of the controversial word "spic," saying:

"I said that not as a way to denigrate him, but as a way to get in touch with what it’s like for an alien to come into what looks like a great world."

Given the vile comments about Mexicans made by presidential candidate Donald Trump, an alien's experience of a new planet of hostiles is a fairly apt comparison to that of immigrants just trying to get on with their lives in a new country.

It's a shame to see a ruckus over a racial slur in the Star Trek fandom, as both the show and the movies have always been highly praised for their .


Do you think that Orci's 'Mr Spic' comments were offensive in this context?

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