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It seems like the Force is finally strong with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII. According to HitFIX, the high anticipated sci-fi sequel will begin filming in May.

Until recently, all the news we've received about Star Wars 7's schedule hasn't exactly been reassuring. Firstly, ' asked Disney to delay the release of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens until 2016 (they compromised on an eight month delay), while secondly, we heard original screenwriter Michael Arndt was booted off the project late into the script-writing process. Luckily, it seems everything has been stabilized and a filming schedule has been set.

According to HitFix, Star Wars 7 will commence filming in May and will run all the way through to September. Currently, the vast majority of filming is expected to be based in England with additional scenes heading out to be filmed on location. This confirms suggestions previous provided by Abrams that Star Wars would hope to begin filming in May. If this news is correct, that means Star Wars 7 could spend 6 months in front of the camera — a rather long time, even for a big budget blockbuster.

With in this mind, it was probably a wise decision by Disney to delay the release. If it had stuck to its original May 2015 release date, Star Wars 7 could have enjoyed only 7 months in post-production — a relatively short-time for such a special effects dependent project. Now thanks to this delay, post-production on Star Wars 7 can last well over a year, hopefully providing Lucasfilm with the time it needs to put in the finishing touches. However, it should be noted that Abrams and Lucasfilm originally wanted longer to work on post-production.

The commencing of filming will also hopefully lift the veil of secrecy maintained over the project. Abrams has already suggested he plans on being less secretive with Star Wars than with his Star Trek movies, which means we'll no doubt be hearing solid casting news soon.

The last we heard both Zac Efron and have confirmed they were in talks for roles, although we still lack any official casting news.

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