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We may have a while to wait until Star Wars Episode VIII is released to cinemas, but this only gives us more time to speculate on plot possibilities, dissecting all the tiny snippets of official info we can get.

The new audio commentary on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray is a veritable goldmine of little hints, and so far we've learnt that that Kylo Ren never met Rey before , and that he may have owned Luke Skywalker's lightsaber before Maz Kanata got her hands on it.

Soz Kylo, you're just not cool enough for the Skywalker saber. [Lucasfilm]
Soz Kylo, you're just not cool enough for the Skywalker saber. [Lucasfilm]

But as with everything Star Wars, the more we learn, the less we really know for sure. In another section of the Blu-Ray commentary, JJ Abrams talked about how the backstory for the Knights of Ren — and Kylo Ren himself — deliberately wasn't included in The Force Awakens.

This may be a big part of Episode 8, and Abrams hinted that Rey's Force vision contained more clues than we previously suspected. He explained that Rey saw things she "couldn't comprehend", but were nonetheless truthful — like the sequence in which she witnesses the Knights of Ren themselves.

According to Abrams, the entire backstory for how the Knights of Ren were formed has been planned out, though naturally he didn't go into detail. It's clear that this will be a crucial part of the sequel trilogy's plot, as we still don't know how the group was founded, whether they drew inspiration from the Sith, and how they factor into Supreme Leader Snoke's grand plan.

That one shot we got of the Knights of Ren. [Lucasfilm]
That one shot we got of the Knights of Ren. [Lucasfilm]

However, we did get a hint from Lucasfilm creative exec Pablo Hidalgo earlier this year, when he explained that what Rey saw in her vision wasn't the massacre of Luke Skywalker's Jedi students — although that's certainly how it appears.

If you really, really peer closely at that scene (and it's not like we have anything better to do in the year until the release of ) it's actually quite obvious that these aren't Luke's students. For one thing, none of them are dressed like Jedi, and the person Kylo Ren stabs seems to be dressed like some kind of mercenary.

Of course, that's all guesswork. The crucial thing is: This is another part of the backstory of the Knights of Ren, and it could hold clues for Episode 8.

Is this "clan leader" someone of importance in the Force? Was there a rival Dark Sider group that the Knights of Ren destroyed, or was this a group of Light Siders? It could be that the "clan leader" was actually the old leader of the Knights of Ren, whom Kylo Ren killed in order to gain control. Or perhaps this was a clan of pre-Resistance rebels, which Supreme Leader Snoke saw as a threat to the First Order — maybe this clan holds the secrets of Snoke's true identity. Ah, the possibilities.

Now would be the time to delve into the canon books and comics, but after a year of sifting through them I personally haven't found any reference to this mysterious clan... except for some leaks before Star Wars 7 was released. Keep your eye out for official clues! Because so far this clan is the only clue we have to the Knights of Ren's backstory — and it looks like this may be a driving force in Star Wars 8.

Tell us in the comments: How do you think this clan plays into the Knights of Ren's backstory?

Rey's probably gonna kick all their butts, tbh. [Lucasfilm]
Rey's probably gonna kick all their butts, tbh. [Lucasfilm]

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