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There are many questions we desperately needed answers to after Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released, and as a year passed our curiosity has far from dwindled. The release of the special edition Blu-Ray has just stoked the fires of our speculation, as JJ Abrams has leaped right back into the fray to drop yet more aggravatingly vague hints.

We previously heard that Kylo Ren and Rey had never met before the events of The Force Awakens, but that wasn't the only nugget of info granted to us by Abrams' new audio commentary.

Luke's lightsaber is a big unanswered question. [Lucasfilm]
Luke's lightsaber is a big unanswered question. [Lucasfilm]

Most of what was said was fun little anecdotes about the making of The Force Awakens, but Abrams did make some allusions to the biggest mysteries to come out of — and it looks like at least one of our questions will be answered in Star Wars Episode VIII.

What Happened To The Skywalker Saber?

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, lost along with his hand in the battle with Darth Vader on Bespin, mysteriously returns in The Force Awakens, hidden away in Maz Kanata's chest. This raises so many questions, starting with how anyone found the saber when it fell right out of Cloud City. We're also left wondering whether Maz sought out the saber, and how she knew it was Luke's (and Anakin's before him).

Someone managed to find the lightsaber on Bespin's surface. [Lucasfilm]
Someone managed to find the lightsaber on Bespin's surface. [Lucasfilm]

Is Maz a family friend to the Skywalkers, or was she an ally to the Jedi Council? Was she keeping an eye on Luke all those years he was on Tattooine? Or is Maz just a nerd like us, collecting all the Skywalker memorabilia she can get her tiny orange hands on?

Well, we might finally find out in — in the audio commentary, JJ Abrams revealed that, as we suspected, the full sequence of how Maz got the lightsaber was cut from Rey's vision. But we may yet see the saber's recent history, in the upcoming Episode 8.

"There are other ways we can tell that story later."

Rey discovers the lightsaber. [Lucasfilm[
Rey discovers the lightsaber. [Lucasfilm[

The lightsaber's journey could prove crucial to the next installment in the Star Wars saga — especially if, as The Force Awakens leaks revealed, Kylo Ren actually had the saber before Maz acquired it.

From Trader To Dark Sider

Six months before The Force Awakens was released, the website MakingStarWars reported on the sequence of events after Han, Finn, Chewie, and Rey arrive at Maz Kanata's castle. The basic outline of events is exactly what happened, with some of the details being slightly different (eg: initially, Finn was present during Rey's vision).

The partial veracity of the report implies that the website's source glimpsed a copy of the initial script, or maybe they were present during scene rehearsals before everything had been finalized. In any case, most of the information proved accurate — so maybe MakingStarWars was right about the lightsaber, too.

Here's the report, which reveals that Kylo Ren had the lightsaber before Maz did. (Note: "the Seven" are the Knights of Ren.)

We then see a reprise of the hand taking the lightsaber. We then see a peasant dropping the lightsaber and starting a fire. He panics and runs, but decides to go back for the lightsaber, saving it. We then see a local trader walking away with the weapon. The trader sells the saber to a prosperous man. Then there’s a battle raging and the saber is being used by the clan against the Seven. They are all dead and we see Kylo Ren approaching Rey. The Seven are looting and Maz takes an object from the battlefield.

This sequence implies that Kylo Ren somehow acquired the Skywalker saber, probably through trade with "the prosperous man" — explaining why he yelled at Finn that the lightsaber was his.

Finn fights Kylo Ren. [Lucasfilm]
Finn fights Kylo Ren. [Lucasfilm]

The deleted flashback sequence also reveals that Maz was present during the fight between the Knights of Ren and the mysterious "clan" (the name of which was later confirmed by Lucasfilm execs) — and that the saber was lost in the battle, allowing Maz to retrieve it. It's all a bit confused, and Maz's presence raises even more questions about who she is and what she wants.

It could be that Abrams felt that showing this early on was revealing too much without enough context for the events to make sense. As he says in the commentary, there are probably better ways to explain all of this later — and we can't wait to see if we'll learn the answers in Star Wars 8.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think this Star Wars 7 leak is true?

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