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Looks can be deceiving. But, sometimes, looks can also give us plenty of answers, especially when it comes to Star Wars. Costume design has always been at the forefront of George Lucas's fictional, intergalactic world, consigning forever into memory the sterilized armor of Storm Troopers, the robes of Yoda, or the mask of Darth Vader.

Considering the stealth "if I told you I'd have to kill you" level of secrecy surrounding Star Wars 8, sometimes it's necessary to clutch at fabric to try and understand upcoming events. The recent description of Luke Skywalker's outfit may have seemed innocuous, but provided clues to events in the next episode of the sci-fi saga, as well as inspiring a wealth of fan art.

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It's worth taking a few steps back before we leap into the message behind the wardrobe. One thing we do know about is that events will lead on directly from the end of The Force Awakens, when newcomer and Force-sensitive orphan tentatively offers his lightsaber, sans his right hand. The brief yet tantalizing scene is the only glimpse of Hamill's character in first of the sequel trilogy.

The Fashion Awakens

We do also know a little more, namely, during Luke's training of Rey, their costumes will be different from what we saw at the end of The Force Awakens. And, as with most things , the devil is in the detail. Thanks to Making Star Wars, there is now a visual representation of how Luke will appear (made on conjunction with artist Lumberjack Nick) which is said to be an accurate depiction of the description:

An impression of Rey and Luke [Credit: Lumberjack Nick &]
An impression of Rey and Luke [Credit: Lumberjack Nick &]

The image shows Luke's Return of the Jedi era attire, which is all black, featuring a Count Dooku-esque under turnic and dark grey cape. Crucially, it also includes what is described as "either a thin spear, thin walking stick, or a piece of junk" with a conspicuous lack of a weapon belt. However, there have been reports of Luke and Rey taking on the Knights of Ren, so why doesn't Luke explicitly have a in the description?

Luke May Have A New Style Of Lightsaber In Star Wars 8

There are two options. The first could be that Luke, during his formidable years in the wilderness, has acquired such a high level of mastery of all things Jedi that he can take on opponents using the Force only. It'd certainly make for entertaining viewing, witnessing Luke tackle and the rest of the First Order without the need for weapons due to his skill with .

The alternative is that his instrument is not a "thin spear" or "piece of junk," but actually a new type of lightsaber not seen before in the Star Wars universe. There have been variations over the years, such as Darth Maul's doubled-edged lightsaber and Kylo Ren's special crossguard lightsaber. Plus, if anyone was due something new and innovative, the aged Skywalker fits the bill.

Either way, all the signs suggest Luke will have a phenomenal understanding of The Force, and his tutelage of Rey will no doubt turn her into one of the universes most skilled Jedi. Unfortunately, there's still over a year to find out the destiny of Luke, but in the meantime, that Star Wars fix can be settled with the release of Rogue One next month.

Star Wars 8 is released on December 15, 2017.


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(Source: Making Star Wars)


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