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Do you like birds? Do you love Furbies? Well, you're in for a treat, because may be combining two of your favorite things in puppet form!

Making Star Wars have leaked a rumour that sheds new light on Luke Skywalker's island sanctuary of Ahch-To which suggests the hermit hasn't been alone all these years after all.

At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey travels to Luke's hideout: A small, rocky island on the watery planet of Ahch-To:

Skellig Michael, an Island off the coast of Ireland, served as the filming location for Ahch-To. Given its steep stone staircase and haunting monastic ruins, it's a fitting location for a Jedi recluse. But the island isn't abandoned: It's home to thousands of birds, including colonies of puffins.

A puffin on Skellig Michael [Pixabay]
A puffin on Skellig Michael [Pixabay]

We're definitely going to be seeing much more of this eerie landscape in Episode VIII, along some new characters. According to the new rumour from Making Star Wars, the stocky little Puffins of Skellig Michael apparently served as inspiration for Luke's feathered friends:

"They’re sort of like a bird mixed with a Gremlin. Someone once said it was like the Star Wars version of a Furby, but the look and feel is so Star Wars they loved it. Basically combine a puffin, a Furby, and Star Wars it up and you have yourself an idea of what this creature is."

[Hasbro/Wikimedia Commons]
[Hasbro/Wikimedia Commons]

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Bad News For Rey

Despite claims that those on-set have been "overjoyed" at the sight of the puppets, the creatures are nowhere near as sweet and innocent as a Furby. Despite only standing around 15 inches tall, they "have razor sharp teeth and are a mixture of the terrifying and the adorable". They certainly sound a lot like Episode VI's Ewoks.

Star Wars Episode VI [Lucasfilm]
Star Wars Episode VI [Lucasfilm]

But while Luke definitely didn't have the same connection with Endor's Ewoks as his twin sister Leia, this most likely won't be the case for his new roommates. Making Star Wars also revealed that Luke has somewhat of a connection to the creatures, who allow him to live amongst them on the island. However, they may not take too kindly to Rey's intrusion on their home.

Less CGI, More Puppets?

Star Wars Episode VI [Lucasfilm]
Star Wars Episode VI [Lucasfilm]

The post from Making Star Wars specifically mentioned puppets, which could mean that we're going to be seeing a lot less CGI with these new critters. It makes sense that Lucasfilm would want to avoid being too heavy-handed with CGI after George Lucas' whole Blu-Ray fiasco.

Jurassic World also announced that they're returning to their roots with the use of more animatronics for future films. With today's incredible animatronic technology, it would make sense for Episode VIII director Rian Johnson to do the same.

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(Source: Making Star Wars)


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