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Mild spoilers and speculation ahead for Star Wars 8. You were warned.

It's hard to maintain a love life while searching for the secret of your parentage and seeking revenge against a deranged murderer who may or may not share your blood, but if anyone in Star Wars can multi-task like a pro, you'd probably put money on Rey.

While guesting on a (highly recommended) podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porno, Daisy Ridley, the breakthrough star of The Force Awakens, dropped a teaser for the forthcoming Star Wars Episode 8 as exciting and mysterious as it was brief. Here's what Ridley had to say on the prospect of a possible new romance storyline:

"Maybe... The thing is, I read this article the other day, and it was talking about being in love with your friends, and how that is the ultimate thing. So I think romance covers a lot of bases."

Strictly platonic? (Disney)
Strictly platonic? (Disney)

Sure, that's pretty vague, but it does offer at least a tiny amount of illumination into the prospect of the very platonic relationships at the core of The Force Awakens — Rey and Finn specifically — perhaps taking on a new dynamic. Those words might just allude to the development of Finn's apparent and seemingly unrequited crush on Rey, as already evidenced in The Force Awakens, but could also be read as a veiled reference to the way Poe Dameron feels for his good friend Finn.

Then again, Star Wars 8 will introduce new characters about whom we know absolutely nothing, so it's always possible that one of those will be involved in this not-even-remotely-confirmed "romance" story, whatever form it should take.

What Do We Actually Know About Episode 8?

In true Disney fashion, cards are being played pretty close to the chests of all involved in Star Wars 8, so most of the (limited) details that have been pieced together have come from rumors leaked online. Star Wars fans know as well as anyone that any new "spoilers" should be taken with an enormous grain of salt, but a previous report suggested that Finn may be sent on some kind of solo mission to find out who is behind an attack on General Leia at a memorial service attended by the Resistance.

More Star Wars speculation:

According to that leak, Finn meets Aya, the new character played by Kelly Marie Tran, at a bar while seeking information on the nature of the attack. Aya, an information broker, names her price and reveals something useful about the First Order, before a Stormtrooper ambush forces the two to part ways in a hurry.

That's interesting in itself, but feels like a minor plot detail in the grander scheme of things — the real juice of the story is the follow-up to Rey's encounter with Luke Skywalker, and as of right now, we have precisely zero details on that. Hopefully more spoilers are forthcoming in the next couple of months — and even if not, Rogue One is guaranteed to distract from the enigma of Episode 8 for at least a few months when it hits theaters in December.

You can listen to Daisy's chat with My Dad Wrote A Porno right here on the podcast's website, and in doing so you might find yourself something legit hilarious to listen to on the train to work. Win-win. Rogue One is out December 16, and Star Wars 8 hits a year late on December 15, 2017.

Which Star Wars romance could Daisy be hinting at?


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