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With not a trailer in sight, genuine news for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is hard to come by. Fans are left scrabbling in the sand like so many Jakkuvian scavengers, desperate for any scraps we can build into something coherent. So naturally, when one of the cast actually reveals something on their social media accounts — no matter how small — we must dissect this for any information we can glean. How else are we supposed to survive until December?

Here's the newest tidbit in question, in the form of a painting commissioned by director Rian Johnson to apologise to Boyega for the science-jargon dialogue in The Last Jedi's script.

The term that Boyega seems to have been struggling with is "bio-hexacrypt", a word which heretofore has not appeared in any of the expansive canon. With a lack of any Wookiepedia page on the subject, there's nothing left to do but for us to try and work out just what a "bio-hexacrypt" is. Onto the speculation!

Part Of Finn's Healing Process

The use of the word "bio" suggests that a "bio-hexacrypt" has something to do with biological functions. It could be that this is a tool that Finn uses to help his body heal after his injury in . We already know he'll probably use a Bacta Tank, like the one Luke Skywalker used in The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke recovers in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Luke recovers in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

However, this seems to be rather mundane to be a plot point worth teasing before is released, and there are far more interesting possibilities...

Finn Goes Undercover

According to rumors, Finn's subplot seems to be an important part of , as he tries to discover if the Resistance has a traitor in their midst. This seems to lead him to go undercover in the First Order, disguised as an officer. So with that in mind, the next option for what the "bio-hexacrypt" could be seems very plausible: It could be a DNA-coded key to a First Order facility.

"That's not how the Force works!" [Credit: Lucasfilm]
"That's not how the Force works!" [Credit: Lucasfilm]

This seems like just the sort of object that would be important to the plot, requiring John Boyega to say "bio-hexacrypt" over and over again, much to his chagrin. If we unpack the word, this also seems likely — "bio" is the DNA coding, "hexa" is the shape (the First Order's logo is hexagonal after all), and "crypt" gives an idea of secrecy and decryption.

If I'm honest, this is the option that seems most likely to me with regards to what the word sounds like — and this theory connects to the rumors we've heard about Finn's plot. But there are always more possibilities!

A Stasis Chamber

"Crypt" isn't just the suffix of the word "decrypt" — on its own it means a building in which the dead are entombed. With that in mind, it's possible that the "bio-hexacrypt" is actually some kind of stasis facility (that would be "bio"), housing six people ("hex").

Our only glimpse of the Knights of Ren. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Our only glimpse of the Knights of Ren. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

As several people already pointed out in the Reddit thread, aside from Kylo Ren there are six members of the Knights of Ren. Perhaps, in between murderous rampages, these knights are kept in stasis in the "bio-hexacrypt". Of course, it could also just be a straight-up crypt housing the dead — but why would Finn need to go there?

A Biological Archive

Along the same lines, the "bio-hexacrypt" could be an archive of biological information, specifically the DNA of the First Order's stormtroopers, some of which we know to be clones. If Finn ever wants to find his family again — remember how the First Order kidnapped him when he was just a baby? — then such an archive would be crucial to discovering the mysteries of his past. It's not just Rey who has an enigmatic origin story.

A Secret Code

As we learned thanks to The Martian, the numerical hexadecimal system can be used as a form of communication. Giant nerd that he is, it's possible that Rian Johnson has invented some kind of secret code — a cryptogram, if you will — that the First Order use to communicate.

Finn barters passage off Takodana. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Finn barters passage off Takodana. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

This would make sense for Finn's neat little spy story (if the rumors are to be believed), but it's the "bio" part of the word that doesn't fit here.

Well, I think we've deconstructed "bio-hexacrypt" enough. All that's left to do is to wait and see which (if any) of these theories is correct, and pity poor John Boyega for having to say this tongue-twister of a word over and over again — as Harrison Ford would say, "you can write this shit, but you can't say it!"


What do you think a "bio-hexacrypt" is?


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