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When those giant mechanized camels first marched ominously across Hoth's frozen desert in The Empire Strikes Back, audiences were blown away by the almost indestructible Walkers. ' AT-ATs became instantly recognizable and iconic, with the smaller AT-ST Walkers making an appearance in Return of the Jedi. Even Rogue One featured a new design — the AT-ACT cargo transport — so it was only a matter of time until we saw a version of the distinctive vehicles in the sequel trilogy. Now we know exactly what kind of Walker will pop up in — and it's definitely the weirdest one yet.

As the second film in the trilogy, it's fitting that the new all-terrain transports would debut in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. MakingStarWars has the report — the editor-in-chief of the website managed to catch a glimpse of the new AT-ATs and they sound absolutely wild.

Describing the Walkers as "huge and chunky", MakingStarWars explained that the vehicles featured in are a blend of the new AT-ACT design, and the classic Walkers from the original trilogy. Learning from the Empire's mistakes, the First Order seem to have reinforced the all-terrain vehicles to be even more armored than they were before — MakingStarWars called them "super-walkers", as they are larger and stronger than anything the Empire used.

The First Order have paid particular attention to the legs, as they were the AT-AT's weak spot, but we don't know if they've managed to come up with a design that would prevent the vehicles from toppling over thanks to Luke Skywalker's wire trick.

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

All this is pretty much to be expected — that the First Order would create something bigger and stronger than their predecessors. After all, they already did that with the Starkiller Base. But what is surprising is the shape the fascist regime chose for their vehicles...

"From the front it resembles a gorilla with its front arms firmly planted on the ground [...] it has a high back that slants down towards the rear. The front legs also have a tiny cross-bar type deal that allows its front legs to kind of scoop go forward and then scoop back. In the very brief moment I saw a demonstration of the walking motion, it had a very different rhythm and pace from the classic AT-AT. If I’m not being clear, this thing is a mechanized AT-AT gorilla."

MakingStarWars' resident artist did a mockup of the head of these new monstrosities.

[Credit: MakingStarWars / Lumberjack Nick]
[Credit: MakingStarWars / Lumberjack Nick]

This sounds very odd, and it's difficult to visualize. It seems likely that these Walkers resemble a gorilla in the same way the original AT-ATs resemble a camel; which is to say, if you stood the vehicles next to the animal the basic outline would look similar, though the details are vastly different.

According to the report, these new AT-ATs will be utilized in a long battle sequence, which leads us to wonder how and why the First Order are attacking the Resistance on the ground. Have they discovered the Resistance base? Or perhaps the First Order are starting to conquer neutral worlds, using the Walkers to take over cities on the surface.

However this sequence will play out, this report bodes well for the movie — we were hoping The Last Jedi would be a fantastic spectacle of a movie, and it looks to be just that.

Tell us in the comments: What do you think of this new AT-AT design?

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

[Source: MakingStarWars]


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