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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is probably the most eagerly anticipated movie of the year. Guarded with so much secrecy that it doesn't even have a trailer yet, details about The Last Jedi's plot are hard to come by. Unless, of course, you're Disney CEO Bob Iger, who was given an exclusive viewing months before the film is due to be released. And his reaction went far beyond the required stamp of approval.

Now that's a quote you can slap on a poster.

One of the biggest questions we were asking ourselves before was released was "oh God, what if it's not good?!" And although Star Wars Episode VII did prove to be very enjoyable, critics still had problems with the film — especially with how it mimicked the plot structure of A New Hope.

That being said, pretty much all of us are expecting to exceed its predecessor in quality, as it's set to push the story forward into exciting new possibilities. Even with all our confidence, it's still nice to know that Bob Iger thinks has outstanding quality — although as Disney's CEO, he's unlikely to openly criticize the movie.

But aside from this optimistic outlook, there's something interesting about the way he described the film as "a great next chapter in the Skywalker family saga". This is how the episodic movies are described — back in 2015, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy coined the phrase "the Skywalker family saga", and it's become the official line for the films ever since.

Rey scrapes together a living on Jakku. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rey scrapes together a living on Jakku. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

It's interesting that Iger would repeat this phrase, especially now that everyone is desperately trying to work out just who Rey is — and who abandoned her on Jakku. As the Saga's new protagonist, many people are taking this description as proof that Rey is herself a Skywalker, probably the daughter of Luke himself. While that would line up with the "Skywalker family saga" line, it's also possible that this refers to the little familial spat between Luke, Leia and the defiant Kylo Ren — who, as the grandson of Darth Vader, is also a Skywalker (or a Solo or an Organa, depending on which surname you want to give him.)

Basically, regardless of who Rey is, the Saga is still definitely following the Skywalkers, as Luke trains Rey to stop Kylo Ren from messing up the galaxy again. Boy oh boy. Maybe everyone would be better off if the Skywalkers just took an extended family vacation, as pretty much every major problem in the galaxy can be traced back to some member of this troublesome clan.


Do you think the "Skywalker family saga" description proves that Rey is Luke's daughter?

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