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We may not have a trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but we do have a veritable parsec full of spoilers, rumors, and leaks. Interestingly, it's the same two plot threads that have been added to with each report since started production — and with multiple (unverified) sources providing the information, it seems likely that these plots will compromise much of the film. One follows Rey as she trains to be a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, and one follows Finn as he chases down the assassin who attempted to kill General Leia Organa.

The latest rumors contribute to the second plot point, and now we may know exactly what happens to Finn on his mission to the "casino planet". Fair warning: From here on in there are likely to be spoilers, though right now everything is very much still in rumor status. Make the jump to hyperspace now if you don't want to know anything about .

Still with us? Great. So here's the news: MakingStarWars are reporting that the "casino planet", which was filmed in Dubrovnik, is named Canto Bight. On its own, this rumor doesn't contain much plot information — though it is nice to call the location something other than the "casino planet" — but when we put it together with the latest reports about Benicio Del-Toro's role and what we know already about Finn's mission, we can map out most of this plot. Let's get to it.

A Spy In The Resistance

Finn is sent off on his mission after someone attempts to assassinate General Leia Organa at Han Solo's funeral — this isn't a confirmed plot point, but last year Carrie Fisher did mention the funeral during an interview. Before you start worrying about Leia's fate, fear not: Lucasfilm previously revealed that Leia's role in Star Wars Episode VIII would be unaffected by Carrie Fisher's death at the end of 2016.

Deducing that there is some kind of spy in the Resistance ranks leaking their whereabouts to the First Order, Leia sends Finn off to discover who is behind the assassination attempt. This seems to lead him to Canto Bight — the swanky planet that's half Coruscant, half beautiful ancient city, with plenty of shady shenanigans being conducted amongst the beautiful set dressing.

If Finn's gonna find out who was behind Leia's attempted assassination, it's here — and last year, John Boyega was spotted along with some aliens in tuxedos, engaged in an airborne chase on speeder bikes. This high-speed(er) chase may land Finn in jail, which is where he meets Benicio Del-Toro's character.

Teaming Up With New Characters

There are three characters said to join Finn on his quest to find the spy in the Resistance's ranks: A hacker/"slicer" played by Justin Theroux, an information broker played by Kelly Marie Tran, and Benicio Del-Toro's disreputable "Han Solo type". MakingStarWars recently reported some details about Del-Toro's role, naming him "DJ" (I'm calling bantha fodder on that, there's no way that's a name) and revealing other key details.

Apparently, DJ "belongs to the criminal underworld", and he's been spotted hanging around a jail set that's part of the Canto Bight set dressing.

We can't show the jail so have this lovely photo of Benicio Del-Toro instead. [Credit: Heineken]
We can't show the jail so have this lovely photo of Benicio Del-Toro instead. [Credit: Heineken]

This would suggest that either Finn and Kelly Marie Tran's character (codenamed "Rose" and previously rumored to be called Aya) break DJ out of jail because they need him for their mission, or they land themselves in the jail cell. The latter is entirely possible, especially considering that speeder chase scene we mentioned earler. It could be that the authorities on Canto Bight don't take kindly to traffic law violations, and Finn's "big deal in the Resistance" reputation hasn't quite reached this planet yet.

Either way, they seem to team up with DJ because he can help them with their next stage of the plan...

Infiltrating The First Order

Included in the report on "DJ" was a description of the interior of his ship, which seems like a blend of prequel-era and original trilogy-era tech. Perhaps Finn and Aya (for want of a confirmed name) find themselves lacking a ship, and that's why they recruit DJ?

Finn books passage off Takodana in The Force Awakens. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Finn books passage off Takodana in The Force Awakens. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

We may not know why the trio join forces, but we do know where they're going — the heart of the First Order. A while ago, rumors surfaced that detailed Finn's mission to go undercover in the First Order, as John Boyega was being fitted for an officer's uniform. These rumors were confirmed when the first footage from The Last Jedi was released to shareholders and members of the press last month, as there was a shot of Finn standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer — outfitted in a First Order officer's uniform.

Apparently, Aya also dons a disguise and joins Finn, but we don't yet know how DJ fits into all of this. In fact, this is where the rumors run out. What happens to Finn inside the First Order is a mystery, but it's possible that he may run into Nines (a.k.a. FN-2199 a.k.a. the meme sensation TR-8R), prompting a rematch of that epic lightning-staff v lightsaber battle from . But that's just my personal hope as a fan!


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