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The internet is currently ablaze after Disney finally announced the title of Star Wars Episode 8 — Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. It is yet another small glimpse into this highly secretive movie, and the revelation of The Last Jedi might actually offer us some serious insight into what we can expect from Rian Johnson's tremendously anticipated chapter in the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Episode IIIV: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]
Star Wars Episode IIIV: The Last Jedi [Credit: Disney]

From what we know so far, the movie will begin where left off — on the craggy cliffs of Ahch-To where Rey finds a wizened Luke Skywalker. We know that Luke will be a key figure in , and that he will likely have to train Rey in the ways of the Force, much the same way Yoda trained him. And while it has been strongly hinted at since 's return to the franchise, the reveal of The Last Jedi title strongly hints at Luke's death. This would mean that Rey, fulfilling her potential with Luke's training, would become the last Jedi.

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While fan theories have been flying for months now about Rey's lineage, it's almost certain Luke is not her father — however, growing up without a family would mean her relationship with Luke could become that of a father figure, and a major death like that at the hands of, say, Kylo Ren might give her further motivation to take up arms with General Leia and the Resistance — both of whom have lost everything at the hands of the Dark Side and the First Order.

Is Rey the last Jedi? [Credit: Disney]
Is Rey the last Jedi? [Credit: Disney]

Of course, this is just speculation — perhaps Rey will die (although unlikely), or simply reject Luke's training and not follow in his footsteps, meaning he truly is the last of his kind. It's also worth pointing out that the plural of Jedi is Jedi — so The Last Jedi may just be reference to both Luke and Rey. Perhaps Kylo Ren will abandon the Knights of Ren to become said Jedi? The announcement poster above features red font instead of its usual yellow, indicating a possible seismic shift towards the Dark Side during Episode 8 — so we can expect Kylo Ren to play a major role. The possibilities are endless, and this title has only exacerbated them!

We will have to wait a whole eleven months until Episode IIIV: The Last Jedi hits theaters, but this title has given us a whole lot to ponder in the mean time.


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