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Sci-fi connoisseur J.J. Abrams served up a healthy and refreshing installment to the iconic saga with last year's The Force Awakens, in addition to a generous scoop of intrigue in the form of its two leading characters; (Daisey Ridley) and (John Boyega).

The two newcomers — who were relative unknowns before being plucked from obscurity — demonstrated flawlessly that they can hold their own on the biggest stage of them all. Considering the pair are the future of the rebooted franchise, it's no surprise they have been the source of much speculation in the months that have passed since their collective debut.

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Of all the speculation, one unanswered question has been mused on the most: Just who are Rey's parents? The new Force-sensitive protagonist is a scavenger who was left on the remote desert planet of Jakku when she was a child. Yet her parentage wasn't revealed during , despite it being clear her roots will have a significant impact on the wider Star Wars universe.

Could Rey Have Royal Blood?

Rey's background is a mystery [Credit: Disney]
Rey's background is a mystery [Credit: Disney]

While many rumors have varied in plausibility, one Reddit theory by The_Playboy lays out a more abstract explanation that makes perfect sense. Without specifying individuals, the theory claims that Rey is a direct descendant of royalty, left on the planet Jakku for her own safety. The consequence of this could vary hugely depending on whom her family tree leads to, but let's break it down further.

Royalty has always played a big part in the Star Wars saga. Before the Galactic Empire formed and cast their evil tyranny on the galaxy, there were thousands of star systems with planets within them run by royal families instead of government. This all changed following the rise of Chancellor Palpatin, and his transformation into the Emperor.

Part of the Galactic Empire's rule included wiping out royalty to wrest power from them, the most notable action annihilating the planet of Alderaan, consequently almost destroying the Royal House of Alderaan, House Organa — the royal family who adopted Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher).

The theory suggests that Rey could be an important descendant of royalty, and when the First Order landed on her original planet and started killing off the monarchy, she was saved by Royal Guards who then transported her to Jakku, knowing the planet was remote and the chances of her discovery low.

What Are The Consequences?

Leia is still seen as royalty by some [Credit: Disney]
Leia is still seen as royalty by some [Credit: Disney]

But is this meaningful? Well, despite the Galactic Empire's (and later the First Order's) best efforts, some royalty remain. In The Force Awakens, when first appearing aboard the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewwie are transporting the dangerous tentacled predators, rathtars, on behalf of King Prana (to add to his own personal zoo, no less).

Furthermore, the character of Lor San Tekka — who is in possession of information leading to Luke Skywalker's location — tells Poe that Leia is still royalty to him, suggesting many still believe in the monarchy. As a result, dependant on Rey's roots, she could be from a family with loyal supporters across the galaxy.

In much the same manner of Princess Leia, her royal blood, along with her desire to fight on the side of the Resistance (not to mention her force-ability) could lead to Rey becoming an legendary revolutionary in later movies. Rey's relationship with Leia and Luke Skywalker will also help shape her into a symbol of hope for her generation.

It's impossible to mention Rey's parentage and Luke Skywalker in an article without discussing the theory that Luke is Rey's father. Of course, this theory still applies if that is the case, as royal Padmé Amidala would be her grandmother. For what it's worth, I believe that theory is unlikely — even J.J. Abrams claimed Rey's parents didn't appear in The Force Awakens.

If she isn't royalty or related to Luke Skywalker, where does Rey originate from? Could she be realated to Rogue One's Jyn Erso? Was she created by Snoke? Or is she the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker? From the most absurd to the most believable, we'll only discover the truth when Star Wars 8 is released. But, until then, it's fun to speculate.


Do you believe in the theory that Rey is royalty?

(Source: Reddit)


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