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We may have a year to go until its release, but Star Wars Episode VIII wrapped several months ago, and is now deep in post-production — which means we may see a trailer soon. Many people are hoping that the first teaser trailer will arrive along with , in the tradition of The Force Awakens, as the first teaser for that was released a year before the movie came out. But you may have to curb your enthusiasm, as according to Daisy Ridley the Star Wars 8 trailer is still a long way off.

Rey fires at Kylo Ren... or tries to. [Lucasfilm]
Rey fires at Kylo Ren... or tries to. [Lucasfilm]

Empire Online recently caught up with the actress, and asked her if she knew when trailer will be released. This was her response:

"No. I could probably ask, but Rogue One is out in like a week, so I guess we'll let that come out, be amazing, let people respond to that first. One step at a time!"

This almost undoubtably the case — by releasing the Star Wars Episode 8 trailer before Rogue One is even out, Lucasfilm risk building hype for the wrong movie. With unknown characters and a retrospective setting, Rogue One is a bold new kind of Star Wars movie, and it deserves to stand on its own rather than being overshadowed by the trailer for another film.

Yet, to many people it seems likely that the Star Wars 8 trailer will drop soon after Rogue One's release, when everyone's good and excited about the franchise and eager to find out what's coming next. The smart money seems to be on the Star Wars 8 trailer dropping between Rogue One's release on the 16th of December and the end of January.

However, Daisy Ridley disagrees. She hinted to Empire that we may not see a trailer until Star Wars Celebration — the annual convention held by Lucasfilm that this year falls on April 13th-16th.

"I know there's Celebration next year. Hopefully something will be shown there? That's speculation, by the way..."

Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega at Celebration 2015. [Collider]
Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega at Celebration 2015. [Collider]

While four months from now may seem to be very late for the first Star Wars 8 trailer, this is actually par for the course for most blockbuster movies. After all, the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has only just been released, six months ahead of the movie's release date; Logan's trailer was even later than that, released four months before the movie.

So although we got the first trailer a year ahead of the film — thanks to JJ Abrams begging Lucasfilm to allow him a year-early teaser — it's not necessarily true that the trailer for Star Wars 8 will follow suit.


When do you think the 'Star Wars 8' trailer will drop?

[Source: Empire Online]


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