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Star Wars: Episode VIII may still be far, far away, but the rumor mill is churning away to ensure we keep getting our dose of Star Wars (potential) spoilers. From plot hints about Rey's parentage in Rogue One, to Yoda's appearance in Episode 8, there's been a lot of buzz recently. But if new set leaks are to be believed, this rumor might just change the course of Star Wars history.

Even before The Force Awakens was released, Star Wars had a long history of set leaks, as fans tried to gain access to each new movie as they were being filmed. In the run up to The Force Awakens, many plot points were revealed because of such leaks, and many more false reports were spread. As such, all supposed leaks should be treated with a pinch of salt, and backed up with corresponding hints from the cast and crew.

And sometimes, when the planets align, that's exactly what we get.

History Repeats Itself

If there's one thing the Star Wars writers love, it's a good trope. The Star Wars saga is all about parallels and symbolism, as galactic history repeats itself over again. This is expressed in many ways, like repeated lines — "I've got a bad feeling about this." — or plot point mirroring.

This line is repeated 9 times over 7 Star Wars films. [Lucasfilm]
This line is repeated 9 times over 7 Star Wars films. [Lucasfilm]

With The Force Awakens following Star Wars' history-repeating structure — evil totalitarian regime builds planet-destroying superweapon, superweapon is destroyed by plucky rebellious pilot, etc — many fans have been wondering what plot points Star Wars 8 will repeat. And we may already know of one of them.

While being interviewed on the podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno, Daisy Ridley was questioned about Star Wars Episode 8. The hosts wasted no time, asking Ridley if Rey would get injured in the next installment in the saga.

"Injured emotionally or physically? I'll say... yes."

On its own, the fact that Rey will get injured (probably physically) doesn't mean much — it would be ridiculous for Rey to make it through her Jedi training without a scratch, much less her inevitable rematch with Kylo Ren. But how exactly will Rey be injured? When we start to think about Star Wars' penchant for repeated tropes, that's when things start to get interesting.

Rey Joins The One-Hand Club

One of the best known trope by far is the tendency Star Wars protagonists have to lose their limbs, specifically the hand. Both Anakin and Luke Skywalker lost their right hands in the second episode of their respective trilogies — and of course Anakin lost much more later on. The Skywalkers aren't the only ones to fall prey to this fate though; in fact, The Phantom Menace is the only Star Wars film in which no-one loses a hand (but Darth Maul loses his lower torso).

The Force Awakens paid homage to this trope in a tongue-in-cheek way, as C-3PO appeared with a new red arm — and no-one really cared how he got it.

The life expectancy for Skywalkers' right arms is pretty low. [Lucasfilm]
The life expectancy for Skywalkers' right arms is pretty low. [Lucasfilm]

So, could Ridley's hint have something to do with Rey falling prey to this particular occupational hazard for Star Wars leads? It's likely, and this isn't just speculation, as Ridley was spotted on the Star Wars 8 set wearing a green-screen sleeve.

This particular scoop comes to us from Youtuber Mike Zeroh, who is in contact with several Star Wars set spies, locals who live near Cork, Ireland, where Episode 8 is currently filming. The contact in question used powerful binoculars to get around the no-fly zone imposed over the Star Wars set, and what he saw is very intriguing.

"He saw Daisy Ridley on set... what he caught on her left arm was that it was actually covered by a green screen sleeve."

Green sleeves are used by many productions, usually to remove the arm digitally or replace it with something else. This technique was employed by Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as many other movies.

Furiosa before and after CGI. [Roadshow/WB]
Furiosa before and after CGI. [Roadshow/WB]

Considering that the lost-hand trope is so prevalent in Star Wars, it seems likely that this green sleeve is being used to digitally remove Rey's arm, or give her a bionic/robot replacement. Put this together with Ridley's "injury" comment, and you've got yourself a bona fide rumor.

We won't find out for sure until the Star Wars 8 trailer comes out, or perhaps even later than that, but in the meantime just satisfy yourself by imagining Rey with a metal arm a la the Winter Solider. Heck. Yes.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Rey will lose a hand in Star Wars Episode 8?

This, but with a robot arm? Yes please. [Lucasfilm/Disney]
This, but with a robot arm? Yes please. [Lucasfilm/Disney]

[Source: My Dad Wrote A Porno, Mike Zeroh,, header image by Nathan Anderson]


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