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What exactly is Kylo Ren's role in The Last Jedi? The first film in the Sequel Trilogy ended with Kylo Ren fleeing in disgrace, defeated by Rey. Until now, all we'd known for certain was that actor Adam Driver had declared his plot would be "hopefully unexpected." Naturally, this left Star Wars fans convinced that we should be expecting a plot twist revolving around his character.

September 1st, better known to Star Wars fans as , is dropping many a tantalizing hint. Although we shouldn't expect spoilers to be too significant — at least, not unless you're interested in Top Trumps — we're still seeing some intriguing clues. One of them has just raised intriguing possibilities for Kylo Ren's "unexpected" plot...

Behold The TIE Silencer

[Credit: Hasbro]
[Credit: Hasbro]

Take this Force Link model, inspired by the movie's TIE Silencer. We've been hearing rumors about this vehicle for months now, but we're finally getting a real sense of what it looks like. Eagle-eyed fans believed that they'd spotted it briefly in the trailer for (Kylo Ren is a playable character, and you'll be able to fly the TIE Silencer), but this is a proper introduction.

Sleek and dangerous, the TIE Silencer is clearly a personalized vehicle that's slightly larger than Darth Vader's classic personal TIE Fighter. Kylo Ren flies it as a mark of his rank, probably accompanied by Special Forces pilots. And, you guessed it — you can get your hands on the Special Forces TIEs too!

[Credit: Hasbro]
[Credit: Hasbro]

But here's the interesting thing; the models don't just reveal two new types of TIE that we'll see in The Last Jedi. The description for the TIE Silencer actually gives us an intriguing hint...

Kylo Ren Is A Man On A Mission

Here's the description for the TIE Silencer model:

"Track down Resistance pilots with KYLO REN’S dangerously fast TIE SILENCER! Like his father HAN SOLO, KYLO REN navigates the STAR WARS galaxy with precision and ease, but he uses his high-speed vehicle to fight for the dark side in STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. The movie-accurate design of this 3.75-inch scale vehicle even features a pop-out torpedo launcher!"

If this description is to be believed, the next film will see Kylo Ren have a new mission: to track down Resistance pilots and neutralize them with lethal efficiency. The trailer for The Last Jedi had teased that the First Order has gone on the offensive. The Galaxy has realized the scale of their threat — after all, they've just destroyed the New Republic capital.

Recognizing that they can no longer hide in the shadows, the First Order has dispatched their armies in a devastating Blitzkrieg. Kylo Ren, it seems, is a key part of that; he's essentially a scout and a spy, personally hunting down key Resistance pilots and taking them out with extreme prejudice. It seems pretty likely then that Poe Dameron will find himself in Kylo Ren's crosshairs...

Is this Kylo Ren's "unexpected" plot? Until now, many fans had assumed he was heading back to Snoke's side in order to train. Instead, this model — and it's description — has raised the fascinating possibility that Kylo Ren been sent to the front lines, pitting himself against the Resistance's best. If is anywhere near as good a pilot as his father, then the Resistance should be very worried indeed...


Do you think Kylo Ren will be taking to the front lines in 'The Last Jedi'?

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