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The Ewoks were part charming, part terrifying and, as it turns out, so is seeing the actors who played them reveal their real faces while still donning their furry bodies.

A vintage set photo from Lucasfilm reveals the faces of 12 of the men who bought the teddybear-like forest-dwellers to life and, as opposed to shattering the magic, it's actually pretty amazing to meet the dudes who made these Rebel Alliance allies happen.

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

Sadly, as many of the men did not make careers as actors, it's difficult to verify their names due to a lack of head shots.

One person that may have caught your eye, though, is the guy second from the left in the top quad of fur-bound actors. Many people on Imgur seem to think that it is in fact Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame, but he would have been just 13 years old when Return of the Jedi was filmed.

According to Redditor stgenerations, though, this is actually Ray Armstrong, an actor who also worked on 1981's Under The Rainbow.

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

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This seems to be verified by the website Nerf Herders-Anonymous, which show the actor's name alongside the Ewok character he played, who seems to have a similar maroon headdress to the disembodied Ewok head in the behind-the-scenes image.

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

Sadly, Armstrong died in 2013 at the age of 56 after a varied career as a professional wrestler, actor and stuntman.

As the Ewoks would say, Yeha, my friend.

What is your stance on the Ewoks? Furry friends of fusty franchise ruiners?

(Source: Imgur)


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