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When Disney acquired the franchise in 2012, the company revealed its intention to start fresh with the galaxy far, far away with the release of Episode VII. As exciting as those news were, they came with one condition: All previous mythology established outside of the movies' continuity spread throughout comic books, board games and video games was no longer considered canon.

That included the beloved video game series, Knights of the Old Republic.

[Credit: LucasArts/Bioware]
[Credit: LucasArts/Bioware]

Fortunately for us, the people working on the new canon have been slowly reintroducing elements from the Legends storylines into the universe, such as (Grand Admiral Thrawn), and that includes Knights of the Old Republic.

Aftermath: Empire's End - the third installment in the Aftermath trilogy of books, focused on the time period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens - was just released.

Not only does it close the acclaimed storyline by telling us what happened in the infamous battle of Jakku, it also contains a Knights of the Old Republic shoutout.

The novel features a reprogrammed battle droid named Mr. Bones, owned by Snap Wexley (played by Greg Grunberg in The Force Awakens]. In the story, the former killing machine starts to malfunction, and he utters this line:


If you are not aware of the mythology, this is the part where you shrug and wonder why the hell this matters. Well, in the Old Republic video game, there's an assassin droid named HK-47, owned by Darth Revan throughout his two dark and light phases. Take a look:

HK-47 [Credit: LucasArts/Bioware]
HK-47 [Credit: LucasArts/Bioware]

Anyhoo, the snarky droid often begins his sentences with "Commentary" and loves the term "meatbag". Here's one of his lines:

"Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy… Master. Oh, how I hate that term."

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It's just a funny reference that by itself most likely doesn't promise something bigger in terms of reincorporating Knights of the Old Republic into canon. However, that's not the first time canon stories have incorporated elements from the video game.

TV show featured a mural that depicted the Mandalorian/Jedi war, in a scene set in Concordia, one of the moons of Mandalore. The event is an essential part of the game's storyline:

So, overall, it looks like is eager to make something happen with Knights of the Old Republic, and so are fans. Earlier this month, fans started a petition for the video game to become a Netlfix series, and it has been doing quite well. Therefore, while the reference in Aftermath was comedic in nature, it leaves us wondering if it's the sign of something bigger. What do you think?


Will Knights of the Old Republic ever become Star Wars canon?

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