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Lighting up our lightsabers and heading back some 40 years across the cosmos, it appears that one of the most famous sci-fi sagas to grace cinema could've been completely different. Just in time for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the world of Wookiees is taking a trip back to 1977 and the era of Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View is an anthology book that not only affects the events of A New Hope, but drastically alters the intended Skywalker arc for and possibly beyond.

One of the biggest plot points from 1980's sequel was Luke Skywalker heading to the swamp-like Dagobah system to continue his Jedi training under that mean, green fighting machine Yoda. Everyone remember's how that grumpy little puppet was originally skeptical of Luke joining his Jedi boot camp, and with From a Certain Point of View revealing that Yoda had championed Leia, does it point to a powerful swansong for Carrie Fisher's pioneering princess in .

This Is Not The Sibling You Are Looking For

The collection of 40 anthology stories (to celebrate 40 years of the Lucasverse) fleshes out that galaxy far, far away with some tales of the unexpected. One of the most interesting passages is "There Is Another," which outlines Yoda's original plan for Leia to train under him in the dank conditions of the Dagobah forests — I'm not sure her white robes would fare particularly well here!

Interestingly, with the Star Wars Expanded Universe rendered non-canon when Disney took the reigns, there is a black hole the size of Alderaan ready to fill with various character backstories. From a Certain Point of View goes some way to filling the void, but it is still a far cry from the many years of SWEU fans came to cherish. A cult of loyal fans are still calling for the Expanded Universe's return, and one way to appease them would be to bring some of its most iconic moments into official canon. With this in mind, could we finally see Leia whoosh a lightsaber on our screens?

As early as 1978, Leia picked up a lightsaber and was partial to the odd duel, even taking on her father in that year's Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Since then, Leia's use of a saber has been sporadic, but is still a jaw-dropping moment that has failed to make it into the cinematic world. With The Last Jedi just a midichlorian away, "There Is Another" may point to Leia playing an even bigger part than we first thought. Everyone knows about Carrie Fisher's tragic passing, and no one is denying that Leia was originally supposed to be a major part of the next two films. Some even claim that Episode IX was supposed to be "Leia's movie" before Fisher's death, so who knows how The Last Jedi will set up what could've been.

Swish Swish Bish

Colin Trevorrow had already tipped Daisy Ridley's Rey as the "new" Leia before his departure from , and you have to assume that an incoming J.J. Abrams will have to honor storyline. So, while we know that Leia won't return in Episode IX, something spectacular will surely have to round off one of the greatest feminine icons ever in The Last Jedi, and having Leia embrace her lineage certainly sounds like one way to do that!

Looking back over the history of the Skywalker clan, Leia has always possessed the more typical traits of a Jedi with her strong will and fearless leadership, while Luke has been the wayward loose cannon akin to his father. Obi-Wan and Luke bonded due to their similar personalities in Kenobi's youth, but Yoda undoubtedly saw the stoic quality of a Jedi Master in Leia. Everyone may have been too busy looking to 's Luke as the titular Last Jedi — with Johnson even saying it himself — but why has no one continued across the bloodline to look at Leia?

Combining the powers of a Jedi and the spirit of the Rebellion, Leia really could be the "last" of the Jedi and usher in a new era. While From a Certain Point of View may just be there to serve as a dutiful trip down memory lane for fans of Falcons and supporters of Siths, it will undoubtedly help to expand the un-expanded universe just a little further. As for Leia letting down with that infamous hairdo and heading back to school for some Jedi training, it may not just be Rey who finds herself a Mr. Miyagi in Episode VIII.

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Will Leia become a Jedi in 'The Last Jedi'?


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